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Did we ever claim any IOC Church???

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, After seeing lot more discussions in an IOC Forum by people, especially one man who own a suffix before his name as Dr. and another one disowns even
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2011
      Dear All,

      After seeing lot more discussions in an IOC Forum by people, especially one man who own a suffix before his name as Dr. and another one disowns even the Indian citizenship talk about the Malankara Church. The Dr. man, may I call him Mad Satanic Alexander openly inviting the Jacobites to join the IOC and reap the benefit of being a member of that Church. Excluding a very few, all others in that Forum openly competing against each other to throw stone to one person, and that is none other than the Yakob Burdana of Malankara. As I already mentioned in one of my earlier posting, really the IOC think-tanks are infected with Alzemiers disease. They have forgotten the Church History, and how we Malankarites struggle to keep the true faith since 17th Century and all. Now they started comparing current conflict with the earlier split in the Malankara Church. Even after more than a century the Judicial systems acknowledged and approved that HH Patriarch is the sole Head of the Syrian Church, the first such pronouncement came during 1885 by a Royal Court of Travancore, and recently in 1995, after almost 110 years the Supreme Court of India also gave and identical verdict of HH position as Head of the Syrian Church. In between these two judgments, numerous court rulings were made to upheld the supremacy of the HH, but it is not digestable to the IOC fellow historians of current days.

      Since 1653, we the Syrian Christians of this land, fully prepared to defend the true faith, and uphold the Holy Throne's authority over us. Now the Mad Satanic man started telling just like the Satan, who offered everything in this word to Jesus, forgeting the Creator's authority, and act as if everything owns by him. Why I have been forced to call him Mad, because we know a mad man cannot remember his past, he is not worried about the future, and feel that what he tell/act is the right thing. It is a fact that as a Christian, we believe fully in history. Those who do not have faith in History can't be a Christian, I believe. Those who do not believe in history will not succeed in digesting the birth of Son of God. For what Son the God have taken birth in a virgins womb. It is because the Virgin Eve's sin only lead to the procreation, and thereby the whole humankind became sinners. If we do not believe these historical facts, and claim we believe in Christ is a lie. Howsoever they act like a Christian will not have any real meaning in his/her claim. It will be like an acting in a drama only.

      We, the true decendents of our Forefathers, who defended the true faith by fighting with the mighty Protugese in 17th Century, then with CMS Missionary onslaught in early 19th century, and the Anglicanization by Britishers later in 19th century itself. We, Jacobite faithfuls are fully aware that what we are doing today to defend our church from alieniating it from the Holy Church is the only right thing from our side. You, IOC will not succeed in painting us as a splinter group and a new Church. We follow the same faith as our Forefathers carried with them while defending and laying their life to save it for the future generations. Always there were fence-sitters who look for an opportunity to cross the fence, and you do not count us with them. You may succeed with few such people. We do not have to change the name of any Church, we do not have to rely upon money power, we do not have to hide anything. Our faith is pronounced centuries ago, and we just follow it. Whereas, it is not true in our case, you have make sugarcoatings with your new teachings, you have to make rehearsals to suit the situation. You talk about Unity. Where were the unity in early 20th century? What was the need to make a vertical split among the faithfuls? Your founding fathers objected to submit and humble themselves to the head of our church, and now you are talking about a beautiful word like "Unity". Go back to the situation where you started distancing away from the true faith, and repent and come back to the Holy Church. For the sake of unity, we believed you in various occasions, and united, but what you have done to the Holy Church. You were showing your true colours. Your founder objected to submit and humble himself, but what you are doing now. You first get all these from the incumbant's, you claim all the Churches in Malankara is owned by you. In world over, it is an accepted fact that the Parish governing in Malankara is one of the finest example of true democratic way of managing a Church. You all are in the process of making it into a Corporate entity. In one of HIS visit to the Church in Jerusalem, what our Lord had done. He had thrown the tables of people who have merchandised the Church, and thrashed them, and made them to leave the Church, and declared that "The House of my Father is a Prayer Hall, but you have made it into a market place". That is what we want to do, we are trying to throw away the merchants (IOC) before they make our Church into a market place. What is the status of Crores in FD put by your Mathew II Catholicose. Where is the crores going from Parumala?? A few among you plunder the Malankara Church, and your thirst for making more and more is growing day by day.

      My fellow IOC people, please open your eyes and heart. Come back to the true faith. Follow the words of the true sheperd?

      CJ Varughese
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