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It's 2011 (not 1934) !

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  • Abraham
    Fellow Jacobites, We should not fall into the TRAP set by those against our faith, especially to any TOPIC Changers . We need prayer rights & general assembly
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2011
      Fellow Jacobites,

      We should not fall into the TRAP set by those against our faith, especially to any 'TOPIC Changers'.
      We need prayer rights & general assembly of the Parish at Kolencherry,nothing short of it.
      Don't leave any space for confusion. Let the Sheep select their Shepherd.

      It is reasonable to think:
      IO will agree to continue the status quo with some 'silly riders'.The worry may be related to 'political' concerns.It also can be assumed that they will fight tooth and nail against convening 'palli pothuyogam'.Do not forget what their so called 'strategist' told to news media - Manarcad/Kothamangalam is in the making.When they get few 'GOD FEARING Person',will start the drama again

      Someone put a message saying money spend for court cases are more than value of the assets of church.

      Come on...Who knows it may worth more than 100 crores? Did they counted Medical college, and other colleges/schools? Did they counted the vast land assets owned by the church ?

      Can some one measure intangible assets like college 'reputation & its affiliations'/academic seats/other permits etc.

      What a phenomenon? Does it look like jacobites as contract workers who get them money,construct churches and colleges,do all hard work and when everything is ready - they come with some papers to occupy?
      This is not 1934.All those behind this drama might be in Kindergarten at that time,Some may not even born!

      I seriously doubt, to create fairy tales like these -> www.icon.org.in/article/OnAntiochBK.pdf ,they may have invented time machines to go back in history and could very well had met those mentioned.

      Those living in Wonderland must see this too:

      Check this website: http://www.moscmm.org/main/History.asp
      It says H.H Ignatius Yakkoob III, Patriarch of Antioch, laid the foundation stone on June 17, 1967.

      After 1967 what happened? Want to know the TRUTH.

      We need to care for our next generation.We need to put an end to these troubles and disputes.Let Us,Jacobites,do not make any mistakes again.Our lawyers must argue with smart,convincing points to
      schedule a parish general assembly.

      We are not opposing any plans, for example, a 'College'in Piravom or 'College' at their 'OWN' Pampakuda.

      But if they set their eyes on our Kothamangalam/Kolenchery Colleges,should we remain as mute spectators?
      Again we are not contract workers to get them good things in life.We believe in face to face talks and democratic way of solving issues. Rushing to court and 400+ cases against our Bava Thirumeni is not a christian way.

      If they can not block their shephards going to 'Heavenly Feast' - Apologies,We cant help.

      Ours is not an institution run by 401 K plans,We are driven by FAITH and FAITH alone.

      Let hear the TRUTH again - from our Diaskorose Kuriacose thirumeni
      Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA54_6IT63g

      Let sheep select their Shepherd
      Link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/let-sheeps-select-their-shepherd/


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