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Our Sabha and Sabha Case

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  • Paul.
    My dear brethren, Following the recent incidents at Kolenchery, where our Church is ill-fated to face an add-on obstacle although it started several years
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      My dear brethren,

      Following the recent incidents at Kolenchery, where our Church is ill-fated to face an add-on obstacle although it started several years back; I wish & pray that this would lead to THE END of factional war between JSCC & IOC.

      In the wake of discussions I had in this regard, with few of our folks in our Church, I felt sad to see that our own Church members are not aware of the true facts, and we are the first ones to stand against our Church, IOC folks come only second.

      We should remember that our Church exists 'cos of us, and our generations.

      When it comes to "Sabha Case", have found many of us having biased opinions or an "I don't care" attitude, and claiming that its against what Jesus has taught us, which may sound like we're the true disciples of God and we strictly follow the "Ten Commandments". Of course, there could be many reasons why we maintain this attitude - lack of awareness, have better things to do in life as this is just waste of time, don't want to learn in deep about the Church or case, whatsoever it may be, etc.., yet, not hesitant to pass baseless comments about our own mother Church.

      Many are of the opinion that our spiritual leaders must show the courtesy to come forward and convince the flock that its not us who're are on the attacking end, but we are on the defending end, to ensure that we Jacobites have the freedom of worship in our Church, built by our forefathers and hence, can't give it away to few margin of people having vested interests.

      Few questions which are unclear among most of our folks whom I've met are:

      * What is the name of our Mother Church? (Its sad to see that our Sunday School curriculum is not followed properly across our Churches outside Kerala)
      * Who's our Patriarch? Who's our Catholicos?
      * Why are we called "Jacobites"?
      * Why are we fighting with our brethren while Christ has taught us to love thy neighbor?
      * What is the history behind "Sabha case", which is ongoing?
      * Why don't we let go our Churches which are claimed by IOC?
      * Isn't that a fight for power, wealth and leadership?
      * Our spiritual leaders are found living a cozy and luxurious life. Are they sincere to the position they hold?
      * Our Bishops/Priests collect a lot of funds from both India & abroad. Are they utilized properly or just to increase their own bank balances?
      * Why are we spending so much money on Sabha case, instead why don't we use that amount to serve the poor or to establish many institutions?
      * Who are the Saints we seek intercession? Is that required when we can call our Lord directly?
      * What is our tradition? How important is it to follow those, as things have changed over time? Can't we limit ourselves to just going to Church only to pray and come back?

      Although many of us can find the right answers to the above questions, there are many more in our Church who still can't, due to various reasons. I would request you all to start educating our people, right from answering the above questions which many of us are unaware of, and which could be an eye-opener for many.

      Wish you all get involved in this discussion, as its high time to find the right answers for the above, if we still call ourselves as a "Jacobites".

      With Prayers,

      ID# 1047
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