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Kolenchery Church Issue and its Impact

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  • PAUL Joshy
    Dear All, We have witnessed almost a one week “upavasam’ by both the Catholicose at Kolenchery and IOC church has stopped all their protest agitation in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2011
      Dear All,

      We have witnessed almost a one week “upavasam’ by both the
      Catholicose at Kolenchery and IOC church has stopped all their
      protest agitation in lieu of a promise given by Mr. OOmman Chandy,
      Kerala CM, while Jacobite church still continue the “Prarthana
      Yajngam” till justice is prevailed upon. And Kerala high court has
      taken up this issue as an urgent matter and the case will be hearing
      on September 30.

      So what are the inferences emanated from the “fast and upavasam’ by
      both the churches at Kolencheryy.

      (1). It has brought the church dispute into the main discourse of
      Kerala, and almost all walk of life argued the church dispute should
      be settled amicably.

      (2). It has bought into the picture that IOC and JSOC are truly two
      separate and independent churches. This has been the message given by
      all media, both print and TV. All dignitaries visited Kolenchery have
      met both the Catholicose.

      (3). It has exposed the Himalayan claim of IOC that Malankara Sabha
      is a single entity and Devalokam Catholica is the supreme head of it.
      On the contrary, none of the dignitaries, either political or
      religious leaders, has taken this argument on face value. The best
      example is that when a delegation of IOC under their Ahmadabad diocese
      Bishop visited the NSS HQ, the NSS leaders were reluctant to support
      IOC demands.

      (4). Political Party particularly UDF are no longer in the pocket of
      Kottayan Achayans (IOC) as they were used to be. When such type of
      incidents happened earlier UDF (Congress and Kerala Congress) had
      openly come out to support Devalokam Catholica, Many of us can
      remember the famous word of late Kerala Congress leader and former
      minister E. John Jacob (Niranam Baby) on Thrikkunnathu Seminary Issue
      (1979) that “ before I became a minister in Kerala I was an Orthodox
      member so it is my duty to protect the interest of all Orthodox
      people”. This time we haven’t heard any such words, especially from
      people like Balakrishna Pillai, an ardent supporter of IOC for long

      (5). It has produced a wider acceptance and respect for our Catholica
      HB Thomas I before the Kerala public. In fact, currently IOC has an
      edge over Jacobites in the Kolenchery incident because they have a
      district court verdict in favour of them (till the High Court stay it
      or declare a judgment in favour of the Jacobites). So IOC Catholica
      led a protest at a higher table than our Catholica. But none of the
      dignitaries visited Kolenchery have said the government should
      implement the court order and gave their support to IOC Catholica.
      Instead, all of them met both IOC and JSOC Catholicose and made talk
      about peaceful settlement of disputes only. This shows that for which
      cause HB Thomas I has protested then there is a truth and justice of
      Him in front of the Kerala public.

      Joshy Paul
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