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  • Benny
    Dear All.. We pray for a peaceful settlement of all disputed issues including Kolenchery.. 1. We , as followers of Jesus Christ ,obliged to keep no enemity
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2011
      Dear All..

      We pray for a peaceful settlement of all disputed issues including

      1. We , as followers of Jesus Christ ,obliged to keep no enemity
      with any body. The new law given by our saviour Jesus Christ is to LOVE which includes all the 10 commandments. Ensure , no law other than the Law of Love should rule us in christian life even if our mind may swing for enemity.

      2. In the wake of Kolenchery issue, It seems v.difficult to come
      out from this vicious circle of church disputes in the near future.
      Court verdict for a small pick pocketing case may prolong for 20 years
      or more.... If we wait for an amicable solution from any court is like mirage. A justifiable verdict will not come out since these cases are coupled each other and evidence can disappear or tampered etc and also corruption is evident in all sorts of life. God only can provide a final verdict. Worldly court can look in to the worldly matters only. It is futile to look for a justification from world court for our spiritual need.

      3. I knew my suggestions has no value , still , from millions let
      me put something which I can.

      a) A, Synod to be convened, once the situation is cool down, with
      a proper agenda to keep the church more safer than now. Church should never give its property in the name of any of Individual . ( ref the incident of Muvattupuzha & Trichur - Those bishops left our church with our property -). Human mind is like sea , thinking can change any time. But we laymen cannot runaway from the parental churches.

      b) A contract should be in place ( possible to register) that if any body crossing to IOC has to forfeit everything to the church including the preisthood which may eventually a breach of contract if a person volountarly crossing to IOC. ( See two bishops groomed here and became strong advocates of IOC - )

      c) Expedite the process of sepration with harmony,similar to that
      happened in Malabar, with proper agreements. ( Land value increases in
      Kerala day by day and it may again worsen the situation ). Also the
      general mind of keralites are to separate and opt for own identity.

      d) New revival methods to be adopted in our church which should
      attract even IOC members to us basis on spirituality. There is no point in keeping rivlary which is against the will of God the merciful while we are following christian faith.

      e) 1995 - Supreme court verdict , underlines that " PATRIARCHESE"
      is the spiritual head of "Malankara Church". Since IOC is focussing not on this, this point of verdict has less value to them. Jesus Christ came to the world and said to us to re -born in water & spirit inorder to achieve kingdom of God . Spirituality is the core of Christianity.

      Judas , with a devilish thinking, tried to put Jesus Christ in such a
      temptation to make him a wordly King of which he terrible failed. (
      thus, he thrown away 30 coins before Jesus Christ's crucification).
      IOC'S, now tasted how to win court cases and that is why they are saying that they prefer court verdicts. Let us put a full stop to this with the help of God by opting all possible option to separate harmoneously.

      f) As St.Paul said, we will streaghthen in our weakness.

      May God bless.
      Id 4190.
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