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Re: Idayanal's warning to Shri Ommen Chandi

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear All, In an MTV Bulletin Fr. Idayanal s speech to the Orthodox people, who gathered around their Holy Catholicos s fasting place in Kolencherry, he warned
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2011
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      Dear All,

      In an MTV Bulletin Fr. Idayanal's speech to the Orthodox people, who
      gathered around their Holy Catholicos's fasting place in Kolencherry, he warned Shri Ommen Chandi, CM of Kerala that if he do not obey the court order he will have to vacate the CM's Chair. In his speech Idayanal was successful in making the people laugh on his comments on various issues. He categorically emphasised that HB Thomas-I Bavas fast is the results of HB's actions, but did not tell a word why his (un)Holy Catholicose has to fast little far away from the other place. He contended that any court order, when it is proclaimed has to be obeyed, but he did not mention any word about the the hierarchical set-up of Indian Judicial system, and why it is needed, and in what context the makers of the Constitution elaborated the Indian Judiciary. The tune in which he made the comments really reminded me
      of the priests and high priest went to Pilate to crucify our Lord. They wanted to Kill our Lord, but there was no authority to do so, but Pilate succumbed to their pressure and pronounced his judgments to crucify Jesus Christ, knowing that our Lord did nothing that attract a corporal punishment.

      Another point he made in his speech was except Ankamaly, all other northern Dioceses have got 65-70% orthodox faithfuls (???), a tall claim which they have to prove yet. He was also telling that HB Thomas-I Bava has once agreed to abide by the 1934 Constitution made by IOC, like a High Priest do to by a Sthathikon to Catholicose or HH Patriarch. According to him HB Thomas-I is the only sinner, who is responsible for the unrest in Malankara Church. HB wasn't elected by ballot, but keep silent on elevation of Matropolitan's of yester years, including Parumala Thirumeni and others. He claimed that they (orthodox) have wone in the SC in 1995, but keep silence over the other points of " that the Patriarch is the spiritual supreme of the Malankara Church and the Patriarch is spiritually superior to the Catholicose" etc.

      I think, in all the judicial encounters we have miserably failed to prove that the Orthodox faction has become heretics, and they openly revolt against the Supreme Head of the Syrian Orthodox Church. Orthodox clergy and laymen always redicule the Jacobites even for the name we carry with us,but forget that in all our old documents the Marthoma Christians were known and called as Jacobites.

      The current flare up could have been avoided, if both factions have shown some Christian values. If we allow the Orthodox to go ahead with their plan as if the lower court judgement is the final word, not only the Kolencherry church, but scores of other Churches will also be met with the same fate, because Orthodox leadership know how to buy a clergy. In southern dioceses, the Jacobite faithfuls have realised it a century back, and they have built small churches wherever they can without much support of any central leadership, and hence our church there grow steadfast in that area. The clergy who cross over to the other side do not realise that they are responsible for dragging people into extremism and destroy the peace and love among the people. I fear how they will be able to face the "last judgement" and avoid the wrath of our Lord, who will be sitting in the throne to judge the world.

      People like Idayanal in Orthodox church, not a minority but majority of their clergy (including people who wear red robs also) are the real culprits in the division of our Church. Their sweetened words by such people really make people mad,and the current unrest of more than a century old is the after effects of such people unthoughtful, irresponsible and irrelevant argument.

      We should initiate or agree to whatever measures to avoid any bloodshed like situation and a honourable settlement of this issue is the need of the Hour. We should not allow us to become a laughing stock to the gentiles around us. We should remember that Orthodox is ready to sacrifice people like "Aana Pappi" during Vattassery's time, and Malankara Varghese for the elevation of their current Malankara Metran. We should be vigilent to avoid such making of martyres. Once Ana Pappi's name was used, they abandoned his family, and somewhere I read that his discendents are now in Marthoma Church. The same fate will follow to the family of Malankara Varghese also.

      May God Almighty help us to think positively, and act upon the LOVE our Lord warranted us to follow.

      Best regards,
      C.J. Varughese
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