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Power of Youth and Our Sabha

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  • Abraham
    Our young beleivers,will be the leading light for our sabha in coming years.One happy fact is that our youngsters are prayful,blended well with our saints,our
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2011
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      Our young beleivers,will be the leading light for our sabha in coming years.One happy fact is that our youngsters are prayful,blended well with our saints,our sabha and our lord Jesus. They work harder for the betterment of our church. Its the duty of jacobites and our leadership to give them avenues to grow.

      The excellent services of KEFA and Jacobite youth associations are highly praiseworthy.These are the only organisations,those against our faith, not able to copy.Otherwise they should have similar named organisations with 80% matching logo & name.

      All of us defenitely want KEFA/Youth associations to spread to all churches. This will help our borthers and sisters get close to the church , help them in personality development, and assist them to lead a good family life.This also gives an oppertunity for our parish members to get better bonding. We must have good funds to award our youngsters.Acknowledging them through magazines gives them pride.
      Many thanks to 'Viswasasamrakshakan/gregorian voice' for publishing photos of brilliant students who scored high in exams.

      Same way, Let us also encourage our interested & needy youth members to get registered to professional courses. We may need to have a better mechanism for scholarship and educational support.Would be greatful setting up Endowment Awards/Rolling Trophies to cheer our youngsters.

      Our respected vicars/trustees are already doing this,But if we increase support made available to deserving members,that will help. We all know many spiritual organisations in Kerala are having a say in todays media enterprises.

      Why can't we have our Youth members,who can complete Journalism courses - employed there ?

      Why can't we have our interested youngsters as lawyers - who may later bring good news to us?

      The way 'Catholic Church'made influence in Kerala is with the support of numerous educational institutions.Consider the number of engineering/medical/management colleges in area where we are majority. Just a few belongs to us.Now if we do a proper check, can see someone else is copying the same acts especially in our majority areas.Never be surprised if we see scholarship offered to our Jacobite members.

      Also, We need to be ultra vigilant to use best legal firms and resources available.The case of back-to-back appeals & stay happening on Kolencherry Church case is interesting.

      For us, it is a matter of faith,fear of god and protecting those assets which our forefathers 'earned' and guarded. For some, it will be a 'Kittiyal Kitti'.

      We have our Jacobite brothers as proud lawyers in many firms. As may be happening already,Can they help our Sabha to protect our faith by forming a 24/7 legal cell and assist all the churches facing these troubles to carve out a workable strategy before being pulled into cases at higher courts.If not,its commensense to assume that one can link the Kolencherry case to other church cases.

      This hit video continue to entertain ->

      Should we attend to the rumors about someone planning to have many more churches in Eranakulam district ?
      A medical college equivalent in EKM District ?
      A Powervision type TV Channel ?
      Look like they have lot of money.Let god bless them.

      I am proud and happy looking at the growth we had in last 2-3 years.
      We understood the necessity to face head on when dealing with court cases by appointing the best and expert lawyers.We must now focus on planning for more churches where we have our beleivers but no church present,making our youth involved in decision processes,planning for more professional colleges -which is defintely need of the hour. Koothattukulam engineering college is an encouraging start.

      Thank You my church.

      By the blessing of St:Ignatius and St:Gregorios,Our sabha will keep prospering more and more.


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