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Are you a Christian?

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  • Jacobian Cecil
    Dear All Are you a Christian?   All glittering are not gold”, many years before I heard a story from one of our priests that was a story of a young man
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2011
      Dear All

      Are you a Christian?

      glittering are not gold”, many years before I heard a story from one of our priests
      that was a story of a young man who failed to get a job for many years and
      finally he reached in a zoo. The zoo authorities also can’t give him a job what
      he deserves, but they offer a temporary position because of a VIP visit in the
      coming week. The zoo authorities lost their gorilla due to a sudden illness and
      they did not publish the news of its death.  All he has to do is dress like a gorilla for
      few days and stay in the cage for eight hours and entertain the visitors. He
      agreed to do this job and started working from the very next day.
      day the zoo was full of visitors he try to use the swing and started to move
      backward and forward, suddenly his hands slipped, he fell down to the nearby
      cage which is belongs to a lion. The poor man cried loudly for help then the
      lion came near to the gorilla and said “fool, stop yelling, otherwise both of
      us will be fired”. This story tells us all glittering are not gold what we are
      seeing is not the reality.
      anyone ask ‘are you a Christian’ what is our reply?  Yes I am, is it true?  Let us go through this subject. Every Sunday
      going to church, every day reading bible, every day praying is this the symbol
      of a Christian? I believe our life should be a measuring rod of Christianity.
      The fundamental of Christianity is "For
      there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ
      Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all." (1 Timothy 2:5-6)
      "Christian" was a name that was given to the disciples (followers) of
      Christ in Antioch in Syria (Acts
      11:26)“and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year
      Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The
      disciples were called Christians first at Antioch”.In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul states clearly
      that, "No one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which
      is Jesus Christ." (1 Corinthians 3:11) therefore we have to build
      our lives on the foundation of Jesus. Let us examine how to become a Christian,
      traditionally we Orthodox Christians receive baptism and becomes member of our
      church. This is the beginning of our journey; from grandparents and parents, we
      are learning the prayer, good manners and importance of prayer, and the need to
      attend Holy Qurbana and receive Holy Communion. Moreover,
      from the Sunday school we learn more about Christian life, after the Sunday
      school our real time begins, this is the time to find the answer of the above
      question “are you a Christian”.
      is a real Christian? Now I am going to explain some myths about Christian first
      one ‘I was born in a Christian country so I am a real Christian’ is this true?
      Not at all, if you born in a famous family such as Kalliyankal you could be a son or grandson of that family, remember
      God has no grand children. Secondly, there is a belief that Christians are
      positive thinkers, so all positive thinkers are Christians. I cannot agree with
      this statement,thinking
      positively about life in broad-spectrum and about yourself in particular
      doesn't mechanically make you a Christian. However I agree that optimism is a
      good quality of a Christian.
       Thirdly, living a
      Good Life Makes You a Christian, we can see many people around us believing in
      other religion also living good life so this statement also cannot be true. Living a clean and moral life doesn't make anyone a Christian. Many atheists
      live a decent, straight life.Myth number four ‘Going to Church Makes You a Christian’ last week 8 out
      of 10people in my locality   went to
      church, but this does not mean they all are Christians. Even some people
      breaking others house also going to church, someone going to church because
      they like social gathering. Others going to church because family members are
      going, another group is going to attend the general body after the Holy
      Qurbana, yet another group is going to display their ornaments and dress. So we
      cannot say all people attending the church are a real Christian.
       Myth six, ‘Receiving a
      Sacrament Makes You a Christian’ I interviewed many offenders in the prison most of them had a
      baptism, many of them attended church service, many of them donated for charity
      and received sacraments. Most of the prison inmates I saw had a prison term
      from 9 years to 99 years depends on the seriousness of their crime who can
      believe them as true Christians? In short both
      baptism and Communion are biblical. God commands Christians to observe these
      ordinances. But receiving either one won't make you a Christian. Another myth believing in God makes us Christian.
      Believes in God makes us Christian? One of my friends told me that when he
      worked in a Muslim country, one of his co –workers asked him you are talking
      too much about God are you Muslim? So a Muslim or Hindu can also talk about
      God. I believe in exercise, but I don’t do any exercise, I am overweight, that
      is why belief, by itself, doesn't make someone a Christian.
      Another myth ‘Praying Makes You a Christian’ definitely Christians pray. But someone
      can pray and still not be a Christian. Hindus pray all the time. Muslims pray
      five times a day. I read about former president of Egypt Anwar Sadat, when he
      travelling out of the country carried a little prayer rug on which to kneel
      five times daily. But he was a Muslim, not a Christian. So praying in itself
      doesn't make someone a Christian.
      Now we can examine what makes us a Christian
      Golden Rule #1 Walking in the way of
      What Bible says, a Christian is a person who has found
      the way of life instead of the way of death where we can find the way of life?
      In Jesus, son of God I found my way of life, Jesus said to us in John
      14:6."I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father
      except through me”. Please read Mathew 7:13 we can see the two ways one is wide
      and the other narrow we have to choose the narrow one which leads to life and
      the wide one to death.
      rule #2 Enjoying Eternal life
      Our Jesus said "I have come that they may have life,
      and have it to the full" (John 10:10).  It is true that eternal life
      never ends. It goes beyond our death--forever and ever .A true Christian is a
      person who enjoys the eternal life; he is the person waiting to enter the
      eternal life with Lord Jesus.
      Goldern Rule #3  Becoming
      God’s child
       To become a child of the heavenly Father, a person
      must have a spiritual birth. This happens when we repent of our sins and put
      our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
      In conclusion, I would like to say we are not becoming
      Christian by receiving our baptism but, we should lead a Christian life to stay
      in the spiritual blessings we received at the time of baptism. For the
      reconciliation of life our church designed Lents, fasting prayers retreat, and
      confession make use of these and review and renew Christian life with a
      practice of receiving Holy Qurbana.
      Thank You,
      Cecil Varghese
    • Abraham Paul
      Hi Cecil, The entire aspects of your article are contained in our prayer song Rekshakan Ura Cheythu En Mey Rekthangal, Ulkollunnoril Chernnu vasikkum njan
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 10, 2011
        Hi Cecil,
        The entire aspects of your article are contained in our prayer song
        "Rekshakan Ura Cheythu En Mey Rekthangal, Ulkollunnoril Chernnu vasikkum njan" "Enne Viswasal Shuchiyodu Kaikkondu, Kalpana Palichor avaren Snehitharam" and so on, the Manifesto of Christ and the basis of Christian philosophy in His own words.

        Christianity is more a way of life than a religion.
        The true Christians are those, and only those, who have faith in Christ's teachings, and tread the path he had shown, whichever their traditional castings in this world may be.
        It is not necessary for one to change his tradition to follow a way of life of his choice. One would not become a true Christian by changing his name or getting dipped in water by other mortals.

        Millions in India became the followers of Christ, not by the type evangelism seen around now. They were attracted by experiencing the way of life of those early ones here who happened to practice Christianity in its real meaning and spirit.
        Prayer/worship and Compassion /Kindness / Love and Forgiveness are like two sides of the coin and that is the `Essence of Christianity' and one without the other it has no value.

        Alas we spent Crores to construct, upkeep and protect our places of worship but seldom set aside even hundredth of it for works of compassion and charity.

        Abraham Paul,
        SOCM # 3321
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