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The Malankara World Journal Special Issue 25 (September 5, 2011) is now available online

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  • Dr. Jacob Mathew
    The Malankara World Journal Issue 25 (dated September 5, 2011) is now available online at:
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      The Malankara World Journal Issue 25 (dated September 5, 2011) is now available online at:

      Sometimes, you read something and then immediately falls in love with it. It has a mesmerizing effect on you. This was the case with me when I first read the article "Lovely Lady" by Dr. Phyllis Tickle. I wanted that article. Problem was that Dr. Tickle was out of the country on business and was due back only in mid September, too late for this Special Edition. Well, remember "Impossible Possible" lesson we had yesterday? I worked hard. Dr. Tickle read my email and responded immediately giving us permission to publish it. "Nothing is impossible with God."

      Why was this article so special. That Dorothy's poem is something else. Imagine Mary and Infant Jesus. We, Orthodox faithful, believe that Jesus was human and divine at the same time when he was in the earth; it was a perfect union. Now imagine Mary taking care of a child who is God! We get curious. We want to ask her some questions. Dorothy's poem does that. It is a masterfully crafted article. Like Dr. Tickle, I am sure you will also make a copy of this article and take it with you to read and meditate.

      Yesterday, we learnt what "full of grace" means from LL Pope John Paul II. Today, we continue that theme and present you with the "Beauty of Hail Mary Full of Grace" by St. Louis Marie de Montfort. Just read it and, I am sure you will say, "WOW!" After reading these articles, I am sure next time when you pray, "Hail Mary Full of Grace" we will have a different mind set.

      More articles on Virgin Mary can be found in Malankara World Supplement on St. Mary at.

      Table of Contents: Malankara World Journal Issue 25

      Editor's Note
      Lovely Lady by Dr. Phyllis Tickle
      The Beauty of the Hail Mary by St. Louis Marie de Montfort------

      Lovely Lady
      by Dr. Phyllis Tickle

      I have a son-in-law--actually Sam and I have four sons-in-law--a great treasury of good men bringing strength and affection to our lives, but I have one son-in-law whose own mother died not too many months ago. As one would expect, he and our daughter made two or three trips back to his home after that death, and they did with sorrow and peace all the things that human passing requires of those of us who love and have been loved.

      One of those trips back home--the last one in fact--was to close down the old home place, emptying it of the personal effects that had been his mother's life and his own childhood, dividing goods and memorabilia amongst all the siblings, cleaning the remaining shell of home for re-sale to some other family. Several weeks after that most painful week of rending and leave-taking, our daughter came into my office one day and laid on my desk a piece of paper. "We wanted you to have this," she said, "because we thought you would care for it the way Dorothy did. She kept it with her all the time."

      What my daughter had sat on my desk was actually a photocopy, but even in photocopy, it was clear that the original of which this was the image had been well-worn and, indeed, carried into Dorothy's daily life. Here, then, is what she had so valued, the prayer-poem she had so honored.

      Lovely Lady

      Lovely Lady dressed in blue,
      Teach me how to pray!
      God was just your little Boy.
      Tell me what to say!

      Did you lift Him up sometimes,
      Gently on your knee?
      Did you sing to Him the way
      Mother does to me?

      Did you hold his hand at night?
      Did you ever try
      Telling Him stories of the world?
      Oh! And did he ever cry?

      Do you really think He cares
      If I tell Him things--
      Little things that happen?
      And do the Angels' wings

      Make a noise? And can He hear
      Me if I speak low?
      Does He understand me now?
      Tell me--for you know.

      Lovely Lady dressed in blue,
      Teach me how to pray!
      God was just your little Boy,
      And you must know the way!

      They were right, of course, our daughter and son-in-law. I do treasure their gift. I carry it now, in fact, or more correctly, I carry a photocopy of their photocopy sealed in clear plastic in my breviary. I treasure Dorothy's prayer. I have to call it Dorothy's for there is no indication on my copy of where she found it or of who originally wrote it. I treasure Dorothy's prayer-poem as a mother, for of all the gifts my adult sons and daughters have given me in the years of their maturity, I can think of few that have sunk with greater meaning into my own life, nor can I think of any that have more touched me with their candor and grace.

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      In HIS Service

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