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Malankara World Journal Issue 20 (August 26 2011) is online

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  • Dr. Jacob Mathew
    Malankara World Journal Issue 20 (August 26 2011) is online at: http://www.MalankaraWorld.com/Newsletter/MWNews_20-August-26-2011.htm We are approaching the
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      Malankara World Journal Issue 20 (August 26 2011) is online at:


      We are approaching the second Sunday after the Shunoyo Feast. Many
      churches are making elaborate plans for the Eight Day lent culminating
      in the nativity of St. Mary on September 8. The Syriac Orthodox Church
      Lectionary specifies St. Luke 11:9-20 for Gospel reading during the Holy
      Qurbana this Sunday.

      The analysis, commentary and over dozen sermons discussing various
      aspects of this week's Bible Reading is covered in Malankara World and
      can be seen here:


      Chapter 11 of Luke starts out by stating that Jesus was praying. Luke
      pays particular attention to prayer, more than other Gospels. In fact,
      if we look for the words proseuche/proseuchomai = prayer/pray in the
      gospels, we find:

      Matthew = 17 verses
      Mark = 13 verses
      Luke = 21 verses -- 12 of those verses in Luke are unique to that gospel
      John = 0 verses
      Acts of Apostles = 25 verses

      Since Luke wrote both the Gospel and the Acts, we can attribute 46
      verses to Luke that mention pray/prayer. Luke Chapter 11 is one of the
      most important one on prayer in Luke. The disciples come and ask Jesus
      to teach them how to pray. Jesus teaches them the prayer popularly known
      as the 'Lord's Prayer.'

      After illustrating the importance of persistent prayer by means of a
      parable, Jesus now summarizes the importance of prayer in the passage
      specified for this Sunday:

      "So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will
      find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks
      receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be
      opened." (Luke 11:9-10)

      We had discussed prayer several times in Malankara World Journal in the
      past. We talked about the need for praying often. We also talked about
      the need for persistence in prayer as shown in this passage.

      Most of us pray only when we are in trouble or need God for something.
      We get upset when God does not give us what we ask for. God, however,
      answers all prayers. The answer to a prayer may be Yes, No, Wait, (or
      sometimes a modified Yes).

      Yes, there are times when God tells us "No!". The Apostle Paul had a
      "thorn in the flesh," some kind of affliction from Satan. Paul pleads
      with the Lord three times to take it away, but then receives the answer,
      "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in
      weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:7-10). Paul accepts this answer, and now
      begins to glory in his weaknesses that Christ's power may rest on him.

      But Jesus assures that most of the time the Heavenly Father is anxious
      to listen to you. He illustrates it via a parable in Luke 11:5-8 and
      another related parable in Luke 18:1-8, the Parable of the Persistent
      Widow. So, we are encouraged to ask boldly, knowing that we can trust
      God. The writer of Hebrews encourages us, "Let us then approach the
      throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find
      grace to help us in our time of need" (Hebrews 4:16).

      With this issue of Malankara World Journal, we are starting to publish a
      full book on Prayer in Malankara World Journal. It is one of the most
      important classic books on intercessional prayers - 'With Christ In the
      School of Prayer' : Thoughts on Our Training for the Ministry of
      Intercession By Rev. Andrew Murray (1828-1917). The power of
      intercessory prayer is a great gift from God. God listens to those he
      loves, and works all things for their good. Murray, in his classic work,
      'With Christ in the School of Prayer', calls the church to exercise that
      powerful gift. Murray skillfully describes the role of the Holy Spirit
      within the church and exhorts Christians to use the blessings God has
      given us. This book is a guide to living a life as a temple of the Holy
      Spirit. This book is divided into 31 lessons on Prayer. We will cover
      one lesson each week. The first lesson, viz., 'Lord, teach us to pray'
      or, The Only Teacher is in today's journal. I hope that you will enjoy
      reading this book in Malankara World.

      Rev. Bryn MacPhail, in his article, 'The God Who Delights In Answering
      Prayer' amplifies the concept of answered prayers.

      We are also bringing an excerpt from Mother M. Angelica's work, 'Living
      Prayers' in Today's Journal titled 'Living in the Present Moment' - an
      important reading on Prayer.

      Please take a look at the Recommended additional reading on Prayers from
      Malankara World. This should answer most of your questions on Prayer.

      Prayer -- Guaranteed To Succeed by Charles Spurgeon

      We find a powerful reason for expecting prayer to be effective in the
      fact that it is an institution of God. In God's Word we are, over and
      over again, commanded to pray. God's commands and means of fulfillment
      are not foolishness. Can I believe that the infinitely wise God has
      ordained for me an exercise which is ineffective, and is no more than
      child's play? Does he command me to pray, and yet has prayer produce no
      more result than if I whistled in the wind, or sang to a bunch of trees?
      .. Heaven and earth will pass away, but while God lives, prayer must be
      heard. While God remains true to his word, supplication is not in vain.
      The Lord give you grace to exercise it continually.

      How to Pray by Walter W. Harms
      How do your pray? Who taught you to pray? Maybe no one ever taught you
      how to pray and what it is all about. Do you pray a lot? A little? Too
      little? Think you ought to pray more? Perhaps a more important question
      is: why pray at all? If God is in charge and he loves you and accepts
      you, then why pray?

      Prayer - A Relationship by Brian Stoffregen
      Prayer, most of all, is a relationship: a child with parents, friends
      talking with each other. The second part of our gospel lesson uses the
      image of a friend asking another for some food for the sake of another

      Pushy in Prayer by Edward F. Markquart
      So these are the four Biblical facts about prayer: Jesus was a person of
      devout prayer; Jesus wanted his disciples to be people of devout prayer;
      we are to pray with perseverance and persistence, with bugging and
      bothersome qualities; and pray is effective and changes not only us but
      the heart and mind of God.

      Exploring a Life of Prayer by Jane E. Vennard
      Prayer is our response to God's loving call. In this reflection I will
      invite you into activities to help you affirm and learn from these
      experiences of prayer. We will explore what keeps us from responding
      when deep in our hearts we long to be in relationship with God. I will
      encourage you to try different forms of prayer to discover which ones
      fit you best.

      God's Generous Response to Boldness in Prayer by John MacArthur
      But our God is absolutely available, absolutely approachable, gracious,
      merciful, compassionate, kind and you can go into His presence boldly
      and ask for whatever you want. You can go into His presence any time and
      not interrupt Him. In fact, He desires you to do that.

      "The Waiting Father" by Mark D. Ridley
      You can't shock God --- he's seen it all, and he still loves you just as
      much as the day you were born. You can hurt God, because he loves you,
      and love is always vulnerable. You can hurt him, but you can't shock
      him, and you can't make him stop loving you, and waiting for you...Do
      you realize how deeply God loves you? Do you feel it? Do you live in
      that love?

      When God Says, 'Not Now' by John Piper
      Luke emphasizes the praying of Jesus more than any other gospel. He
      records nine prayers of Jesus, and seven of the nine are only in his
      gospel. So let's let Jesus teach us about prayer. He knows about it from
      both ends: he prayed as a full human; and he receives and mediates
      prayer as God himself. There is no better teacher on prayer.

      *Table of Contents (Issue 20)*

      Editor's Note
      Bible Readings for This Sunday
      Sermons for This Sunday
      Inspiration for Today: Prayer is a Relationship Word
      Featured: Prayer - 'Lord, Teach Us To Pray'
      The God Who Delights In Answering Prayer by Rev. Bryn MacPhail
      Living in the Present Moment by Mother M. Angelica
      Recommended Reading on Prayers from Malankara World
      The Face of Jesus Christ by Henry Morris, Ph.D.
      News: Orthodox Peace Fellowship Conference to Focus on Forgiveness
      Health: Best Way to Cook Fish for Heart Health
      Evangelism: The Longing After Eternity by A. W. Tozer
      Family: 25 Secrets of a Happy Marriage
      Humor: Smart Woman
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