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MGSOSA North America Mission Trip - A Spiritual Journey

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  • Dn. Zach Varghese
    Dear Members, Visit Malankara.com or http://www.malankaraworld.com/Newsletter/MWNews_16-July-29-2011.htm#arti cle1 to learn about MGSOSA s first Archdiocesan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2011
      Dear Members,

      Visit Malankara.com or

      to learn about MGSOSA's first Archdiocesan wide mission trip. We were
      able to assist Fr. Dale Johnson, a Syriac Orthodox priest who has been
      building schools, orphanages, and supporting health initiatives for the last 8 yrs in the Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic area. Recently, Fr. Dale opened a school in Haiti for 50 students, 20 of whom are orphans. We served many of the neighborhoods Fr. Dale has helped. We also visited the Haitian school to serve the kids. Additionally, we conducted a pilot research project in conjunction with the University of Texas School of Public Health. God helped us in many ways, and He strengthened our faith! - please read about it!

      We wanted to take this chance to publicly thank all those who supported us. There are too many to list, and some are mentioned at the end of each newsletter. We especially thank H.E. Mor Theethose Yeldho, the Archdiocesan Council, and all the priests, deacons, and faithful who prayed for us, helped with our,organization, selection process, publicity, travel, donations, and prayers. In total, we were able to raise about 0ne-third of the expense to help defray our out-of-pocket costs. St. George's Charlotte, St. Mary's Augusta, St. Ignatious', Dallas, and St. Mary's Dallas were particularly supportive. Thanks be to God!

      Also, special thanks to St. Thomas MSO Church in Austin, TX for their
      support and for handling the program's receipts.

      As a youth league, we look forward to conducting more mission trips in
      the future. This time we directly saved the lives of a 3 people and made a significant impact upon hundreds. We pray more will be inspired to work among the poor and needy for God's glory and personal edification.

      Sincerely in Chirst,

      Dn. Zach Varghese
      Team Coordinator
      Mission Trip 2011
      On behalf of our missionaries:

      Dn. Shiryl Mathai - Philadelphia
      Lispin Kuruvilla - Denver
      Shana Kadavil - Baltimore
      Monai Karuthalackal - Chicago
      Dn. Zach Varghese - Austin

      Support Team
      Dn. Belson Kuriakose - organization - Antigua/New York
      George Aramath - selection process, organization - Michigan/Dallas
      Christy Andrews - organization - Austin/Dallas
      Tony Mathew - publicity - Houston
      Paul Mathew - publicity - Houston
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