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MGSOSA N. America Archdiocean Mission Trip - Dominican Republic/Haiti -

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  • Dn. Zach Varghese
    Dear Members in Christ, Our first North American Archdiocesan Mission trip is right around the corner! We are partnering with St. Ephrem s Mission, operating
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2011
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      Dear Members in Christ,

      Our first North American Archdiocesan Mission trip is right around the

      We are partnering with St. Ephrem's Mission, operating as "Dominican
      Outreach," in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Specifically, we will
      work with orphan children, the poor, the unemployed, and those suffering with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, we will be conducting research supervised by the University of Texas and the mission's HIV/AIDS clinic.

      Fr. Dale Johnson, a Syriac Orthodox priest, has been working in the
      Dominican Republic since the 1990s and is the mission's founder. As you may imagine the region is quite poor, made more so after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Fr. Dale, with his work centered programs, has had great success in lifting people out of poverty. He has shed great light on human trafficking. He "perhaps" has baptized more converts than any other priest in our church worldwide.

      Experience Dominican Outreach at their website:

      This is the first Archdiocesan wide mission program sponsored by MGSOSA.

      We are fortunate to have 5 missionaries participating during the first
      two weeks in July. All are students or young professionals just starting out in their careers. We all feel a calling to share with those in dire need and develop our Jacobite identity.

      We know many are enthusiastically praying for us and have sought ways to support us. In keeping with this spirit, we encourage you to cause the priest to remember us during Holy Qurbono for the next three weeks. Ask that the people of the Dominican Republic/Haiti are especially remembered.

      Secondly, we have a facility set up to receive financial aid. The total trip costs amount to around $6000. If our burdens can be shared, then those sharing will become missionaries as well and may intimately
      rejoice in the good work accomplished.

      We hope to encourage more missionary activity if this endeavor is
      successful. If you have ever felt that our church should do more here is one chance. Please use the secure Paypal link below. You can use any credit/debit card in any currency, and you do not need a Paypal account.

      All funds will go directly to defray mission project expenses. Any
      excess will be turned over to MGSOSA for future trips. A receipt will be provided by St. Thomas Parish Austin,Texas who is handling the mission trip funds. A final report will be provided.


      Any amount, multiplied through the power of our web based networks, will be of great help. Really, your contribution, both in prayer and support, will certainly go a long way. Thank you and may God bless you!! If any are interested in visiting Dominican Outreach and/or other missionary work, do not hesitate to contact us.

      You can also follow our mission activity in real time by visiting
      MalakaraWorld.com, where we will describe how God chooses to use us!

      Mission Team:
      Rev. Dn. Shiryl Mathai, MPH, MBA; Secretary MGSOSA N. America -
      Rev. Dn. Zach Varghese, MD; Mission Team and Research Coordinator -
      Austin, Texas
      Ms. Lispin Kuruvilla - Denver, Colorado
      Ms. Shana Kadavil - Baltimore, Maryland
      Mr. Varghese "Monai" Karuthalackal - Chicago
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