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Re:Satya sai baba and me

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  • Apu Jose
    Dear readers , I would like to add on something to this discussion .This is the info I guess got from some Christian mystics.There are two characteristics of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2011
      Dear readers ,

      I would like to add on something to this discussion .This
      is the info I guess got from some Christian mystics.There are
      two characteristics of God.They are

      1. Divine essence- This occurs only in the Holy Trinity as defined by
      the Oriental Orthodox faith.

      2. Divine energies- this characteristic of God can be passed on by God to the baptized Oriental Orthodox Christians only.

      The word "god" (with the small letter ) is only for those Christians who led an exemplary Christian life like saints like Parumala Thirumeni, Kothamangalathu bava etc.These"gods" are not "gods" in essence but "gods" in divine energies passed on by God to them like Sun's rays reflected by the moon.

      So when we say He became man so that we could become god, that is god in Divine energy sense and not Divine essence.

      Now coming to Sai Baba , Deepak Chopra , Sri Sri ravi shanker and who lot of other New Age teachers .They have all shown " charitable works" without the true faith . As faith without works is pointless , works without faith in Jesus Christ (this includes the Holy Sacraments and the Holy church(oriental Orthodox ))is also pointless.We should respect the charitable works done by them , but I guess this and many other factors have led many people to renounce the True faith (Christianity ) and join with them as idolaters. This is spiritual adultery . There are many people who look upon the spiritual adulterers with respect and look at physical adulterers with disgust The sin of spiritual adulterers are more than the physical ones as they are flouting the first and the most important commandment.

      Their view of Jesus is radically different from the Christian view. They take Him only as a spiritually enlightened teacher. Among them there are many people who say the Jesus is God .But critical part is they say that Jesus is a person Who realized He is God .So the philosophy boils down to this that Jesus is a common man who became God on realization(Salvation through knowledge of some "hidden truths" like realising you are God- Gnosticism). It is like Jesus moved from Earth to Heaven on this realization. This they call as Christ consciousness. (I guess Deepak Chopra gave this in the book "The Third
      Christ") The Christian view is Jesus moved from Heaven to Earth to save mankind from sins.The Salvation is based on faith in Holy Trinity (which includes the Good works also). It is not based on knowledge that you are God.

      So I guess it is not advisable to follow their path as they have led many to renounce Christ for this false worship.

      I would like to say that the above write up may have many mistakes . Please correct me , if there is anything that contradicts the Holy Oriental Orthodox Christian Faith.i would be most happy to correct this.

      With prayers and the intercession of Mother of God and all 318 fathers of Nicean Synod

      Apu jose
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