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Please do pray for this, finally we will win

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  • Elias J P
    Dear All, There are strong news that a powerful professional TVmedia and business group in south is taking control of an important news paper in Malayalam. If
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2011
      Dear All,

      There are strong news that a powerful professional TVmedia and business
      group in south is taking control of an important news paper in Malayalam. If
      this is coming true I would believe this is the act of God Almighty to check
      the anti Church activities of the Thiruvalla(now self claimed
      Kottayamites) MM group and Devalokam Methran Kakshis.

      I would believe that the present advantage of Methran Kakshi's are because
      of the false news support given to them by MM group using the circulation
      they enjoy among christain community especially the Malankara Church
      members. Somewhere they have to pay for their sin against Christianity and
      the Holy Church. So far the malayalam print media industry was controlled by
      MM and Mathrubhumi in a kind of non attacking cartel arrangement, the
      second's management is neigher professional looking in approach nor it seems
      they want to be the number one. They seems happy as long as they don't loose
      the second position and loose subscription considerably and the interest is
      more political based than a professional business based.

      I would believe the new developments will definitely help the Malankara
      Syrian Orthodox Church in coming out of the pain of anti church activities
      MM has done all these days and to use the situation to the Holy Church's
      advantage. But the present attitude of the media group newly entering to the
      Malayalam print media industry is not so supportive to the Syrian Orthodox
      Church, we can say they don't have any likes or dislikes for anyone but
      analysing the past they are more pro-devalokam than pro-Jacobite.

      We should pray to God Almighty that the new developments completely turn
      into our advantage and help to eliminate the satanic acts of a dissident
      group in Malankara. Also our church leadership has to be wise in raising
      upto the occasion.

      Believe in prayers, God will answer the prayers of the Holy Church, its
      saintly fathers and the loyal sons. Please remember this in your daily
      prayers, it won't fail. Because, for the last few years the above was there
      in my prayers and it is like a dream come true for me.

      Few years back, a political leader of a piece of Kerala Congress from
      Kottarakkara has spoken in a Methran Kakshi gathering that other than
      Kashmiri militants the one who don't obey the Honourable Courts of India are
      the Jacobites. Where is this person who compared the Holy Church with the
      Kashmiri militants just for few votes' gains presently? Think, God will act
      for the Holy Church. In these elections, no body including the pro congress
      friends in Ernakulam district is claiming that UDF will win perumbavoor this
      time, its like Saju Paul is already reelected from there. Few years back
      I had visited our famous Vadakara Saint John's Church, and also happened to
      hear the hardships the Methran Kakhis cause to the majority Jacobite
      brotheren there. I believe in my prayers that the person who is part of
      the same with the support of those who cause the same won't be allowed to
      cause more hardships to the holy church in Ernakulam district again. Don't
      afraid about the new political tactics of the Methran Kakshis and its
      political power in the new government. God won't allow something to happen
      agianst the church, either UDF won't win this election or Vayalar
      Ravi/Ramesh Chennithala will be heading the government against the desire of
      the Methran Kakhi's and their ever loyal son who brutally lathi charged
      the Holy Church 5 years back.

      Please do remember this in your prayers including the new media group
      flourish in Kerala and write and bring the truth hidden from the people all
      these days.

      In the intercession of
      Moran Mor Ignatious of Manjanikkara,
      Mor Gregorious of Parumala,
      Mor Athnasius of Aluva,

      Prayers and Regards,

      JP Elias.
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