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Today with Jesus

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  • Rev. Fr. Paulose V V
    Today’s Bible verse “ And the Lord didn’t remove the pillar of cloud or pillar of fire from its place in front of the people.”(Exodus 13:22) Existence
    Message 1 of 442 , Apr 2, 2011
      Today’s Bible verse

      “ And the Lord didn’t remove the pillar of cloud or pillar of fire from its place in front of the people.”(Exodus 13:22)

      Existence of God through miracles in personal life still in action. Do you believe?

      The world moves on the rhythm of the course of the nature but some times in an extra ordinary way. In each person’s life if he/she listens to the call of God he/she will experience and taste the presence of God through signs and wonders.” The apostles were performing many miracles and signs and wonders among the people.”(Acts 5:12) God gave the Hebrews a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire so they would know day and night that God was with them on their journey to the promised land. The same assurance for the people of 21 century is at our call. The holy spirit for all the humans is in waiting to descend. The word of God will Guide us each day through His holy spirit. Look on the face of Jesus every day for his guidance in each step of our life to helping us on our journey. “Yet I’m confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I’m here in the land of the living.”(Psalm 27:13)

      We could get inspired and some message even when we look and listen on the ordinary leaves and flowers as the hand work of God . For God’s people every day is a new day with freshness with sigs and wonders to love and to be loved.

      Since Agnes, later Mother Teresa was listened to the call of God and placed herself blindly in God’s hand, never knowing where she would be led or what she would be asked to do , the miracles followed her. She said,” I listen to the lord and I have the gift of obedience, Because of that, miracles follow. From the first call, and call with in the call, my life seems to have a divine plan.

      Divine providence is much grater than our little minds and will never let us down.” NUMEROUS TIMES, WHEN IT SEEMED THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO DO THE WORK OF MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY, MONEY WAS donated to Mother from around the world. And when it seemed that the sisters and Brothers might not have enough food to feed the poor, food was donated from around the world. It was these miracles that proved to Mother Teresa the existence of god and the importance of her life’s work. “ I’m nothing,” Mother used to tell her followers, “ He is all. I do nothing on my own. He does it. I am God‘s pencil . A tiny bit of pencil with which He writes what He likes.”

      “ MANIFESTLY THE FINGER OF GOD IS EVERYTHING. GOD PROVIDES. THERE IS NOTHING I CANNOT MASTER WITH PRAYER AND WITH THE HELP OF THE ONE WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH.” (PHILIPPIANS 4:12-13) See every thing in the eyes of God in awesome wonder. Then the miracles like a fire works draw beautiful colours in the sky of your life.


      Jesus, let your presence with in us by signs and wonders. Those who are helpless and desperate in life be comforted by your miraculous intervention. Food for hungry, dress for the naked, healing for the sick, job for the jobless, house for the houseless, Bride and bride groom for the marriageable, child for the childless, holiness for the sinner, and protection for the orphans ,widows and widowers. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

      Paulose Aachen
      Toronto, Sunday 3 April 2011
    • Rev. Fr. Paulose V V
      Today with Jesus “Leave these men alone! Let them go.” (Acts 5:38) · The sign of the Cross on the television tower in Berlin : “The sign of unbeatable
      Message 442 of 442 , Oct 16, 2012
        Today with Jesus

        “Leave these men alone! Let them go.” (Acts 5:38)

        The sign of the Cross on the television tower in Berlin : “The
        sign of unbeatable sign of worship,”- Ronald Regan, President of USA in 1987.

        Till the passing of
        the present earth and heaven, Christ, his Cross and its principles would be
        valued and be in proclamation for the salvation of the world. No power on earth
        can wipe out the eternal truth of God from the face of this earth. It is always
        better not to fight and antagonize Christ and his principles. When Peter and other disciples were put in
        jail to be punished by the assembly of Jews, the great respected learned
        teacher, Gamaliel, advised them,
        "Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will
        fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will
        only find yourselves fighting against God” -(Acts 5:38&39). It is an universal law for a smooth peaceful
        way of co-operative living on earth.

        After the second world
        war, Berlin was under Communist government. Most of the churches and its
        symbols were destroyed to crush the faith in Jesus. To show the power and
        strength of atheism and communism, Walter Ulbech, the head of communist
        Germany, constructed the tallest television tower in Germany. On top of the
        tower is a stainless steel globe in rotation.
        As soon as the construction was over,
        everyone was shocked to find a shining and glittering sign of a cross on
        the globe from top to bottom. The sun's rays shone on the globe from all sides
        making the cross to glitter. The
        engineers tried all their might to erase it, but in vain. Still it is there to proclaim to the world
        that the cross is our salvation.

        Conscience question: Are we in a fight against Christ and
        his teachings by our actions of projecting and selling ourselves for self-glorification?

        Prayer: Jesus, let us be the promoters of your signs
        and symbols of your sacrifice on the cross for our salvation and eternity. Let
        us not be destroyers, but custodians of your teachings. We pray for all those
        who are in the ministry to spread your good news of salvation on the cross. Let
        all those who believe in you be in salvation and the fighters against you be in
        conversion. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


        Paulose Achen


        16th October 2012
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