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Re: Maneeso of LL HH Patriarch Severios - Clarification please

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  • Dr Thomas Joseph
    Qabel (Pa`el form of the root q-b-l) is accept as you note or receive . Here it seems to be inserted for the poetic meter. Literal translation of qabel
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 28, 2011
      'Qabel' (Pa`el form of the root q-b-l) is 'accept' as you note or 'receive'. Here it seems to be inserted for the poetic meter. Literal translation of 'qabel wetho' would be 'accepted and came' - i.e., the Word of God accepted (incarnation) and came.

      PS: The proper/scholarly transliteration for these words are
      - qabel (qof as in qurbono, not kof as in kohno; also, originally the beth was doubled, so the pronounciation is more like 'qabbel'.)
      - wetho (waw - w as in water, not v as in vine; taw in rukhokho form which is pronounced like 'th' in thin - pronouncing it as 's' seems to be a common mistake among Malankara speakers, along with similar mispronounciation of zayn and Sodhe.)

      - Also, 'ma`nitho' not 'maniso' - note the `ayn after mim and 'tho' ('th' as in 'thin,' not 'that') not 'so.'

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      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Vatachal Thomas John wrote:
      > Barek mor / Slomo amkoon
      > I would like to get a clarification on the following:-
      > In the Syriac version  of the Maneeso of Mor Severios the words "Kaabel" and  "ve-so" are there. We have in the Malayalam translation the word "ve-so" ( which is vav + easo) translated as "vannu".. But "khaabel" is not seen translated into Malayalam. The meening of the word "khaabel" is "accept" in English and "kaikolluka" in Malayalam as far as I know.
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