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  • daniel_reji
    ... IN the light of confusing news, rumours, gossips documents claiming to be from the Patriarchal office flying all around I think it is time for me to say
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2001
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      IN the light of confusing news, rumours, gossips documents claiming
      to be from the Patriarchal office flying all around I think it is
      time for me to say something.
      First of let me assert firmly that I haven't left the church and I do
      not have any intention to do so.
      As H. G. Mor Dionysius Thomas of Angamaly diocese and H. G. Mor
      Gregorios Joseph of Kochi Diocese has done years ago I have also
      declared my allegiance to the 1934 constitution of the
      Malankara Church as amended by the Supreme court of India. I cannot
      understand How can I be considered leaving the church for signing a
      document that declares the Patriarch of Antioch as the head of the
      What is the impact of this action of mine?
      To put it simply this will make the churches of this Archdiocese
      eligible to partake in the Malnakra Association convened at the
      direction of the Supreme Court. Through this act we will be able to
      parttake in the decision making process of the church we are part of.

      His Holiness the Patriarch has already envisaged his vision for the
      unity of the Malankara Church in 1995 itself. He has clearly stated
      after the 1995 Supreme Court verdict that He glorifies God for what
      has happened and accepts it as the will of God.Now I have moved in
      direction of unity as envisaged by His Holiness more than five years

      Why did I do it now instead of 1995?
      The Supreme Court verdict of 1995 had ambiguities in it and there was
      no final solution in the sight but now with Noveber order of the
      Supreme Court it has become clear that Supreme Court has made clear
      dirtives about how the whole process should take place, The Supreme
      Court has appointed an observer with nencessary powers to find
      solutions for problems that arise from time to time and conduct the
      meeting and file reports with Supreme Court at a specified time.
      This was acceptable to both the parties and H. G. Mor Dinysius
      expressed his satisfaction about the decision. I am convinced at this
      stage the association will take place and it is a must that as many
      parishes from our faction should participate in the process and use
      our votes. This is the first time either this Archdiocese is given a
      chance to participate in the decision making process. So far we were
      considere only as colony to raise funds. We were remembered only
      Malankara needed money. Now when we have a chance to be a part of the
      Church that is unified and maintains it Historic relatioship with the
      Holy Throne of Antioch we should consider it as a golden opportunity.
      So far we were fighting to protect our relationship with the Holy
      throne of Antioch now our stand is vindicated by the Honorouble
      Supreme Court and our leaders in India has formally accepted the
      formula in the Supreme court. Also the Catholicose have formally
      declared that He or his faction do not have any intention severe this
      age old relationship with the Holy Throne.
      Now I firmly belive that we owe it our future geneartion that "We
      accept the scheme prepared by the Supreme court and make use of this
      ooprtunity bring pece". We are seeing light at the end of hundred
      year old tunnel of litigation let go forward and embrace pece."
      God bless you.
      Nicholovos Thirumeni
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