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The Water Blushed

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  • George Vergese
    Dear Friends in Christ, The conversion of water to wine, which is today s (Sunday, 6th March 2011) Evangalion reading - the first day of the Great Lent - has
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2011
      Dear Friends in Christ,

      The conversion of water to wine, which is today's (Sunday, 6th March 2011) Evangalion reading - the first day of the Great Lent - has also been described as -
      "The conscious water saw its God (Creator) and blushed" by Richard Crashaw, who was an English poet in the 17th Century. He, a person of great faith, used "vibrant stylistic ornamentation" in describing certain Biblical verses. Let us all hope that we too, at the end of the Noimb, will be able to see our Creator and blush.

      A personal thought - Our Lord Jesus Christ, replies our Mother Mary "Woman, (not my mother) what is it to thee or me. In another version, the same sentence has been worded as "Woman, what have I to do with thee"  How conveniently these words have been 'slightly' altered to suit some who wish to oppose the Orthodox, Jacobite, Catholic and other similar Christian faiths, which encourage prayers and supplications to the Holy Saints. (Please see commentary below on how this could have come about).                        

      The interpretation of this from the net - Haydocks Catholic Bible Commentary

      "Mother, what affair is it of ours if they want wine? Ought we to concern ourselves about that" Others think that He wished, by these words, to let His Mother know that she must not forestall the time appointed by the Heavenly Father, as if her demand were unreasonable and out of time. 

      Jesus follows up His first sentence by adding "My hour is not yet come". 

      But (Catholic) Fathers and best commentators understand that He speaks here not as man and Son of Mary, but as God; and in that quality, He observes to His Mother, I have nothing in common with you. It is not for you to prescribe when miracles are to be performed, which are not to be expected in compliance with any human respect. (Meaning that) "I know when my power is to be manifested for the greater Glory of God".

      "My hour is not yet come". 

      The Bible commentary as above on this is : QUOTE - It is not yet time. He waited till the wine was quite done, so that no one should believe that He had only increased the quantity, or had only mixed water with the wine. He would have His first miracle to be incontestable, and that all the company should be witnesses of it. - UNQUOTE.

      In spite of both the above statements and the seeming 'hostility' in His replies, He performed the miracle, because His Mother asked. So too when we pray through our Mother Mary and the other Holy Saints, Jesus Christ, even if He may have reservations on doing something that we request to Him through intercession by our Holy Saints, will oblige, if we have faith.

      May this Great Lent be a Blessing for all of us.
      Warm regards

      George Vergese
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