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Is it a call for Cooperation or Unity?

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear Bro. Zach, Let me frank enough to tell you that I do not expect any explanation or rejoinder from your side on any of my comments on certain issues raised
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2011
      Dear Bro. Zach,

      Let me frank enough to tell you that I do not expect any explanation or rejoinder from your side on any of my comments on certain issues raised by you, but request you to go through this mail and let us stop it by this.

      Please note that I have expressed my anguish over the recent hyper-activism in Malankara in the name of unity or cooperation by the Sabha Samrakshana Samity, and your favouring its stand through this Forum. By that you got provocated and expressed your feeling, but let me tell you that it wasn't a frank opionion from a Jacobite faithful, but you chose to bail out yourself from further clarifications/rejoinder from among the SOCM Forum members.

      You have menionted : *"I hope I have satisfactorily clarified the points which you have raised. I had no intention to take this conversation to the realm of factional feuds in Malankara Church as it would be terrible waste of time but nevertheless it is the direction it has taken. Therefore, this will be my last message on this topic"*

      Good, keep it up. A slite provocation prompted you to declare that "it would be terrible waste of time". Dear brother, is this the fire you carry on faith matters, and there might be lot of people thinking in line with you, but not all, you please take note of that, and that's why Jacobite Church still exist here in Malankara.

      Another point you have raised is: *"I have to remind you that it's not only the MOSC leadership who use the "sugar coated words like PEACE and UNITY ".HH Ignatius Elias III, HH Ignatius Jacob III and HH Ignatius Zakka I Iwas had all worked for peace and unity in the Malankara Church".*

      I feel what you have said is partly right. Please note that it wasn't only a lip service or a sugar coated one, but the all three Holy Fathers acted upon their words, but you will agree that all their actions were not met with its intended vision. It is a fact the broken heart of HH Ignatius Elias III could not withstand the rudeness of the then MOSC leaders, and HH sacrificed His life for what he stood. But in case of HH Ignatius Jacob III, HH could not foresee the intention of the then MOSC while calling a truce between two warring factions. The MOSC leadership bowed their head by wearing the skin of a lamb, and showed their true colours of a wolf within a decade's time. And HH Ignatius Zakka I Iwas hoping for peace and unity in Malankara Church did not installed the Catholicate / Maprianate for almost 5 years keeping it vacant after the demise of HB Paulose II in 2001. HH realised later that the MOSC are not the people whom HH can wait unendingly and acted like true Sheperd and installed HB Thomas I as Catholicose for India.

      You said: *"Sir, can you please explain what the "myth" is in the statement `we are one and same'? As far as I know it is not a myth. It is a historical and scientific fact." in response of the following point : ""Â… acknowledge these myth like we are one and same, there wasn't any chance for another split in 1970s"*

      In response to your above querry, am giving herein an extract from a speech given by the MOSC Catholicose to clear your doubt: *"HH declared that there is 'NO OTHER' Apostolic Church in India that is Apostolic, self governed and totally independant, without the supremacy of anyone, like Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church that still maintains its Apostolic heritage and character even in 21st century. Our church members show their deep loyalty to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and to the Indian nation."* Also all the present-day MOSC historians unitedly telling that the Malankara Church was under the Nestorians prior to 16th centuary. They conveniently forget that the first and the foremost proof of our being under Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch is the decendents of the Knayi Thoma migrants, and known as the Knanaya Syrian Church.

      In response to the following :*"Let Bro. Zach discuss in one to one with a hardcore IOCian and realize the truth"" What is the "truth" alluded here? If I talk to a hard-core MOSC loyalist I may get his perspective on the facts and if I talk to a hard-core SOC loyalist I may also get his perspective. In both cases I won't get the "truth". At most I may get an interpretation satisfying their respective sensibilities. What we, the people of Malankara Church, need is unfortunately what we lack today, the Christian spirit."*

      The current unrest in Malankara Church reminds me of some historical facts - In yester years there was a Mathoo Tharakan from the Catholic church in Malankara to insult and provocate the faithfuls for submitting themselves to the authority of Pope. That Mathoo Tharakan has political power in his support, but the current day Mathoo Tharakans of MOSC - one has got with them a popular Malayalam daily and another one got abundant money and muscle power. Hope you will not fail in identifying them. They together with the episcopacy of MOSC float all the Christian spirit, and act against the teaching of St. Paul that is - before you go to court against a brothren you
      take the matter to few faithfuls and if you could not succeed, then to
      elders of Church. Then where is the Christian spirit left with MOSC. MOSC leadership do not want to settle the disputes through mediation, but want it through the partly corrupted Indian Judicial System.

      Here I remember a TV clipping few years back during the time of Passion Week, one of the MOSC Metropolitan acting like a third rate hooligan in the corridoors of the Supreme Court, shouting to the TV crews and people around there. You might be aware that the same Metropolitan could not perform any priestly activities in any of the Passion Weeks thereafter. Recently I saw him in a TV interview, he could not even raise his head, completely bed ridden and surving only with heavy medical care.

      In Mathew 4:8-9 it says, Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” The creation telling the Creator that I will give you all this. Likewise the MOSC claim that "all the Churches in Malankara are theirs, and those who do not submit to their authority have no right to pray in any Churches". Is this the Christian love??? Are they follow the same faith, same liturgy, same vestment, if they, then there is no question of a split. They are winning the cases they file in court of law, not based on truth but purely on technical reasons. In 1920s they won because the Bawa kakshi could not prove that they are heretics and the then Malankara Metropolitan (Mor Vattassery Dionosios) was not excommunicated properly. In 1958 again the reason cited was the Association Meeting called by the then Malankara Metropolitan of the Bawa Kakshi was not properly notified to all the Churches in Malankara, (if the Karingachira Association was not declared void, the Jacobite Church would have become stronger than MOSC by this time, if we really look into our growth after the 2002 Puthencruz Association) and of course in 1995 the majority bench declared that Malankara Church is an integral part of the Syrian Orthodox Church headed by HH Patriarch, and it also upheld that HH Patriarch is superior in spiritual matters, though HH do not hold any temporal authority over the Malankara Church. You might be aware of recent cry over getting the Judiciary corrupted, even the Central Law Minister publicly accepted that a fraction in sitting Judges are corrupt. One among the division bench might be such a man, and hence he came out with a defferring ruling. It is also to be noted that the observer appointed by SC, Justice Mulimut, for conducting the combined Malankara Association, when he was serving in the Judiciary was famous for ruling against the Jacobites.

      It so happened that this mail become too lengthy, but let me request you (or anybody in this Forum) to please read this and correct me if I am wrong in any of its content.

      Dear Bro. Zach please note that I do not hate the laymen in IOC but only the actions of its leaders. Also please note that more than a century old split occured just because of some minor difference of opinion, which could have been corrected if few individuals wished, but now after passing of almost three generations and more than a century fighting in courts, uniting these two factions (forget the Jacobite-Orthodox divide) will not be that easy as you or anybody in Sabha Samadhana Samity think. Both the factions have gone too far (two directions - not in parallel) from the focal point of the split

      With regards,
      CJ Varughese,
      # 1012
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