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Re: Sunday School Text books

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  • Geevarghese
    Hi Shlomo in Christ. This has referenece to Mr. Josuha s letter regarding MJSSA books. I would humbly request all the members of the forum to address this
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      Hi Shlomo in Christ.

      This has referenece to Mr. Josuha's letter regarding MJSSA books. I would humbly request all the members of the forum to address this issue very seriously. We have to focus on our most important resource ie our future generations. If the MJSSA and our Church leadership do not have time for the future generations meaning the scenario is really bad. Sunday School is the only organisation or body in our church which is educating our future generationson with the basics of our faith and traditions. If we do not arm them (all Sunday Schools, teachers and children) with all our best resources our future generations will easily go astray or turn to pentecostal churches and other religions.

      I am from Dubai Church and I have gone through the same problems 7 years ago. We got the CD containg the Sunday Schhol books from Std I to Std IX. and we use to take the photocopies and give them to the Students and Teachers. Few years later MJSSA have printed the same at Puthencruz and we were able to get some copies. In those copies there were lot of mistakes, some of them were corrected and again it is reprinted. Still it is not easily understandable to the children and teachers alike.

      My suggestions:

      The Church leadership should take this very seriously. If not we all should put pressure on them. How much money we are wasting for fighting each others in courts etc. We are paying a lot of money for other silly issues. Our only asset is the future generation and we should educate them about Jesus our Saviour, our faith, the importance of our traditions and teachings of our ancestors.

      Now if you are going to reprint the data on the CD, please correct the mistakes and make it easliy understandable to the teachers and children. The books were written by high Doctoral persons whose language is not easy for the common people. So please correct the spellings, annotations and also restructure the complex sentences. It is either written in high language or some wrong transalation from the Malayalam (texts) to English

      Thirdly if the text books needed to printed in Tulu or Konkani or other languages also the church leadership should facilitate it.

      Please let me know if; I can be any help to you in this regards

      In Christ

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