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From Fr. Jacob Joseph, UTC, Bangalore.

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  • Rev. Fr. Jacob Joseph
    Dear Moderator, This note is just an information on the topic, Sunday School Text Book for Outside Kerala . Thank you for the discussions on the Sunday
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2011
      Dear Moderator,

      This note is just an information on the topic, "Sunday School Text Book for Outside Kerala".

      Thank you for the discussions on the Sunday School Text Books. As a well wisher of the Sunday School and the Youth moment in Outside Kerala Dioceses of our church, I thank all those who are actively taking part in the discussion of the ‘English Text Book’ for the Students who are ‘comfortable’ in English language for their spiritual and ‘Christian academic’ growth.

      I wonder how many of our members in Outside or Inside Kerala are aware of a Sunday School English Text book, printed for outside Kerala students in 1999? or (2000?) from its former Mumbai office. Unfortunately, because of the poor response from the parishes and also with (various) other reasons, the diocese could print only 1st and 2nd Standard books. It was specially designed for the Outside Kerala Students, considering the various aspects that fit Outside Kerala Context. The books were an outcome of untiring work of an ‘unrecognized team work’ since 1997 to 1999. (Forgive me if the period
      is incorrect; I do not exactly remember the dates).

      God used me as the team leader (I was the then Sunday School Director for the Outside Kerala Diocese). I remember that the churches in Mumbai area and St. Mary’s Cathedral, Bangalore made use of that facility. We printed 500 Copies each and I doubt whether we could continue the printing. Though the team could not meet further, I still feel that the initiative taken was so great and the books printed were unparallel by looking at the overall dimension (both from the perspective of student and also from the content).

      I personally had done an extensive research which covered getting of
      studying and analyzing of various ‘Orthodox’ (Both oriental and eastern)Sunday School Material, national and international level. The vision set forth in this matter had twofold aspects: 1. our book should not be an ‘essay based’ one (essay friendly; most of the students especially in their younger classes dislike seeing essays) rather ‘student friendly’. 2. Any story or theme in the Bible or ecclesial subjects should have continuity in the syllabus from the basic classes till the 12th standard. (Both these points need more explanation; but I know this is a limited ‘space’ to explain those aspects)

      I write this note, just to cherish my memories, not to bring any havoc of the past or the present. Best wishes to all those who are seriously working for this venture. I do continue to pray for our Sunday School Organization and also for the Youth Association particularly in the outside Kerala context.

      Fr. Jacob Joseph, UTC, Bangalore.
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