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  • Prakash John
    Mr. Mathew (from US) has a good message to the faithful subjects of The Lord Almighty in his message.  Except for the poor language and at times indecent,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29 8:54 AM
      Mr. Mathew (from US) has a good message to the faithful subjects of The Lord Almighty
      in his message.  Except for the poor language and at times indecent, readers should appreciate his feel to the core subject.

      Our Churches are rich enough to support their own Managerial/Administrative requirements.
      In case of deficit/shortage while budgeting for a particular event, the administration requests for support by way of donation, which gets fulfilled at all times, in all Churches.

      Then, the question is (as raised by Mr. Mathew) should we submit such amount of offerings
      in terms of cash and kind to our divine souls;  Are we not appeasing our Saints by our money power ?

      In this process, we are making the process and Church Administration corrupt.  Instead of showing our submission to the Almighty this way, whey not we bow to the God, in full submission of ourselves.

      Last November when I had been to Manarkad, I was determinant to be the First devotee to be at the feet of OUR VIRGIN, OUR NITYA SAHAYA MATAV for which I got down at Kottayam, took an auto at 3.00 AM, managed to have a shower, changed clothes and rushed to the church.  The small candle vendors (pettikada) at the entrance on the main
      road were all closed.  I had managed to call out one of the owners from whom I had bought candles and matchbox and rushed into the Church. The main door locked from inside, with the help of the Auto driver, who appeared to me as a great believer of OUR MOTHER, called out for the security men, who happened to be Nepali Goorkhas.  Because I could communicate to them in Hindi, I have informed them of my need and  by Mothers Blessings, I have had the reference of the Corepiscopa, I was allowed entry into the Church premises.   I had straight away rushed to the Kurrishu, with the definite intention to be the first devotee to light candle as my submission to the MOTHER.  But, to my utter surprise, I have found two men, already present at the "SANNIDHI" OF THE MOTHER, one middle aged man beating his chest, crying out loudly, seeking blessings and yet another person, a young devotee, after having drenched himself, was rolling around the Kurrishu. 

      To my mind, rather as I understand about devotion and faithfulness to the God and Saints, these are the best ways of submitting ourselves, totally in silence, without noice and commotion of the crowd, submit oneself to our deity and pray, submit our difficulties, present our problems, express our thankfulness for the answers to our prayers.


      WHATEVER WE DO WILL NOT CHANGE THE FINAL RESTING PLACE OF PARUMALA THIRUMENI, and the fact is that we are visiting that place, seeking blessings.  The ownership by JACOBITES OR ORTHODOX or in your terms METRAN KAKSHI/BLADE COMPANY etc. do not change that reality.  THEN WHY WE ARE FIGHTING.

      Be faithful, continue to live in prayers rather than accusing to each other, which is political in nature and that nature should not have any place in the place of worship.  This is my understanding of the subject;  If I have annoyed anybody, I seek apologies.  And, I would request the moderators to stop posting these kinds of badly worded attachments and addendum.

      P. John

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