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Re: Islamic Onslaught- an Essay

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  • Benny
    Dear All. Sub matter is still appearing in our forum. Any ways, I would like to provide some points for your the reference. I have a request to all, that,
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      Dear All.

      Sub matter is still appearing in our forum. Any ways, I would like to provide some points for your the reference. I have a request to all, that, please note that , we humans, are taking birth in any
      religion/caste which is not on the basis of our choice. In other words, without GOD'S plan nothing will happen in the universe.

      Islam , is a religion started after 400-600 years A.D., Quran has lot of similarity's when we compare it with the old testament. But has a few serious differences with Christian belief.

      1.As per Holy Bible, Father Abraham took Issac for the sacrifice , but it was Ismail as per the belief of Muslims.

      2.The very sensitive & important point of difference is , that they
      never accept that Jesus Christ has been resurrected after 3 days.
      Whereas Christian's belief is that Jesus Christ defeated satan in the
      cross by accepting death as per will of God and resurrected after three days. This is the reason, St.Paul said we are living in the power of resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death of Jesus Christ & resurrection is the basic ground of Christian belief. This is the reason St.Paul added, we live with Jesus Christ and die with Jesus Christ.

      3.Our belief is that , if our heart is not clean ,(not simply body
      clean) , we will not be able to stay near to GOD . For that , the first step is to REPENT and then CONFESS THE SINS and then to get the great free gift of HOLY SPIRIT either by way of HOLY QURBANA or from GOD's direct showering. (It is mentioned that , holy spirit will be showered to gentiles). ( if we clean our hands/ears/mouth without a confession of Sin doesn't achieve the goal of deliverance from God)

      4. Apostle , St.Paul informed us that , any angel teach something new
      other than what the deciples , Apostles taught, then that is not from
      GOD. (Song paulosu sleeha...). So ,be focused and try to spread GOOD
      NEWS to all humans with our life.

      Above is my view, and personally , I believe that Jesus Christ, while with great agony in the Cross was forgiving the sins of those who was against him. Jesus Christ's , great love has tremendous value and would like to focus only that. Jesus Christ is living , and in the right side of GOD the father, Holy spirit is available in the universe now. Then, let us be focused on the essence of our belief and think that Devil will not succeed in any way.

      For instance, Once tsunami hit the earth , 90 % of scientist were
      looked up in to the sky without having a clue and their equipments also was useless.

      God , the merciful accomplish the word in the world like lightning.
      Now, It is the right time for the humans to come back from Sin. We ,
      name sake Christians talking lot of things but the real GOD in our mind is "SHARE'/ REAL ESTATE/FIXED DEPOSIT etc.

      We rarely looked in to the real problem of our fellow humans
      (irrespective of their religion) and their real agony. Once we read
      Mathew 7-20-25 , we really understand that kingdom of God is away if we are not accomplishing the will of the GOD.

      In other words, we are not supposed to be against any human being and
      Jesus Christ taught us to love even our enemy. There is no scope of new teaching even if we die. But let us pray to GOD on the plight of
      Christians in Iraq/Pakistan/etc.

      Id 4190.
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