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Re. Study class for capturing all the Jacobit Churches

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  • Dr. Leena Mathew
    Dear All, This is what they were doing for years. But it is interesting to see a priest standing in the Holy of Holy place calling the believers for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2011
      Dear All,

      This is what they were doing for years. But it is interesting to see a priest standing in the Holy of Holy place calling the believers for the capturing of churches by court cases, even in the churches where there is only two laities in their side. Still I call you achan because I want to obey my priest's advise ( Moolelachan's message). As King David said whom am I to touch an Abhishikthan who is appointed by God.?It is God's duty to reward him for his deeds. How God punished Priest Zachariah when he doubted God's power? That God is same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. But it doesn't mean that we shouldn't take any necessary action. Jesus Himself has reminded us in Mathew 10:16- Behold I am sending you out like sheep in the midst of wolves; be wary and wise as serpents, and be innocent as doves.� So let us act in a Christian way to protect our Churches.
      I have a doubt achan. The prayer for the departed souls of priests is as follows:

      Pradhana purohithanum thalanthukal vibhajichu kodukkunnavanum kuppayil nine thante simhasanathilekke uyarthy thante sreebhannarathinmel adhikaram nalkunnavanumaya karthavinu sthuthy. Thanikke eee samayathum, sakala perunalukalilum njangalude ayushkalam muzhuvanum sthuthyyum bahumanavum aradhanayum yoghyamavunnu.
      Njangalude karthaveshumishihayakunna daivamaya karthave! Vedippodum vishudhiyodum koode thirumumbake shusroosha nadathiyittulla njangalude sahodharanmaraya sreshttacharyanmarkkum nirmalaraya shemmashanmarkkum vendi malinarum ashudharumaya ninte dasarakunna njangal ninte dhayavinode apeshikkukayum prarthikkukayum cheyyunnu. Avarude nyayavidhikkaye nee thuniyaruthe. Karthave! Ninte vishudha madbhahayude padikalil chavittiyittulla kalukale agnikanalukalil chavittuvan nee vittukodukkaruthe. KARTHAVE NINAKKE ATHMEEYA KEERTHANANGAL PADIYITTULLA VAYKALUM NAVUKALUM ADACHUPOOTTUVANAYI BHAVIKKUVAN THAKKAVANNAM AVAYE MOUNAMAKKARUTHE. Ninte vishudha granthangalil nokkiyittullathaya kannugal chithalinum puzhuvinum koodukalayi bhavikkumare avaye nee andhakaramayamayi theerkkaruthe Karthave! Vishudhangalum vannyangalumaya ninte rahasyangale aghoshichittulla kaikal agnikanalukalal churuttapedumare avaye nee vittukodukkaruthe. Karthave avarke vendiyulla njangalude
      balaheena prarthanakale nee kette njangalum avarum cheythupoyittulla sakala papangalum thettukalum nee parihariche mochikkumarakaname. Nee uthamanum nalvarangalil sambannanum dhanangalude uravidavum akunnuvallo. Ninakkum ninte pithavinnum parishudhlmavinnum ipposhum epposhum ennekkum sthuthiyum bahumanavum karetumarakaname. Amen.

      Achan, Please let your people know how they have to change this prayer to suite your deeds. Sooner the better because no one know when they die. (If we are born we have to die one day).
      With Prayers,
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