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Simhaasanam * Holy See of Antioch

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  • Vatachal Thomas John
    I beg to refer to the Messages of Shri.G M Mathew in the bulletin no.3517 dated 9th Dec 2010, no.3528 dted 20th Dec 2010 and no.3538 dated 30th Dec 2010 and my
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      I beg to refer to the Messages of Shri.G M Mathew in the bulletin no.3517 dated 9th Dec 2010, no.3528 dted 20th Dec 2010 and no.3538 dated 30th Dec 2010 and my message in the bulletin no. 3530 dated 22nd Dec 2010

      I do not understand why they translate REES   as CHIEF OR HEAD and then argue their case and conclude that it means LIKE ELDER BROTHER.  
      Is the Maran Mar Catholicos like an elder brother of the bishops of IOC ?
      Father figure is incorrect,I admit. But REES can be translated only as head.
      When we speak about Syriac Church why should they speak about Coptic Church and its pope ?.  Patriarch of Antioch & All the East is ARCH FATHER of the Syriac Church. If you do not belong to Syriac Church then you have nothing to do with the Patriarch of Antioch & All the East.They claim that they belong to the Syriac Church in the courts of law simply to hold all that legacy of Syriac Church.If they say that  they are not of Syriac Church but of  Indian Orthodox Church, then they will have to fosake all that legacy. The lip service that the canonical bonds with the Patriarch will hold good for years to come is an eyewash.  Patriarch  means head of a clan.  We call  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob patriarchs of course of the Old Testament times.

      If the Jacobites are allowed to live as a separate church,  Catholicos of IOC can become Supreme Catholika Pathriyarkees having half a dozen Patriarchs under him thus showing the world what they are; but they have to allow us continue under yoke of slavery of Patriarch of Antioch & All the East.   
      I  take this opportunity to quote from the Syriac Prayer Book of the Passion Week (Prayer for the Mid Night  of Good Friday)the translation thereof by LL Yoohanon Mar Severius of IOC is given in my previous message
          Sub'ho Laabo d'aabed(h) L'semvoon sleeho Labre(h)
          Usegtho Labro d'bothaar dekfaar b'semo khable(h)
          Thoudee L'rooho D'KURSIYO yaa(h)b Le(h) vu REESO abaad(h)
          Breek (h)oo mseeho d'mesthaayak le(h) thesbuhtho
      [bovootho d'mor yaacoob just before the Fourth Kawmo of Lilio d'aarubtho]

      It is  Rooho Qaadeeso who made Peter the reeso (Head) bestowing the Throne on Peter. As such, it is a sin against the Holy Spirit to argue against the status of Peter as Head. I may repeat the above verse was not coined in the days of Yore for being  used against the IOC in the 20th & 21 Century when they shall have invented the Throne of Mar Thoma

      Now let me quote from an IOC publication the relevant extract of the so called susthathikon given by Maran Mar Abded M'seeha in favour of the Catholicos installed by him

      Baselios Catholico d'madnaho owkees d'kursiyo D'MARAYEETHO d'morthoma  sleeho d'hindu.......

      They expunged the word D'MARAYEETHO from the said  susthathicon and invented d'kursiyo d'marthoma sleeho d'hindu. Marayeetho is Maha Idivaka. So Mar Thomayute Maha Idavakayute Symhaasanam became Mar Thomayute Symhasanam. In the Grammar of Malayalam language we have madhyamapadalo-pi whereby kallukutikkunna paachen becomes kallupaachen; panchasaaravilkunna kunchu becomes panchasarakunchu. Similarly the word IDAVAKAYUTE is thrown out through the window to build the kursio d'morthoma

      We have in the Church history, Patriarch elevated to the postion of patriarch (yes the Patriarch Baselius and Patriarch Grigorios of the first d'yapthuko elevated to the position of Patriarch)

      I once again pray God, pray the Government and pray the IOC to Live and let live.

      Sincerely yours,
      VT John ID 3085
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