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Prayer for the "DEAD" ! Is it Biblical? Part 5

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  • Fr. John K.K
    What is death? Some years ago British `Sunday Times published a series of essays on `death and what happens after death. Many intellectuals from various
    Message 1 of 1039 , Feb 5, 2003
      What is death? Some years ago British `Sunday Times' published a
      series of essays on `death and what happens after death.' Many
      intellectuals from various religions, spiritualists and even atheists
      (Bertrant Russell) took part in it. Interestingly, the subject was
      fascinating to every one, but no one was able to form a concrete
      opinion. Each person's view was different from the other. Possibility
      of some sort of survival after death was common expression but no one
      knew for sure. To Socrates, death was a friend who released his
      immortal soul. For a Christian death is an enemy. Jesus Christ
      smashed its pangs and defeated the enemy-death by His victorious
      resurrection from the dead and therefore for those of us who are in
      Christ there is no death, 1 Cor 15:54-55. This is the spiritual
      Admittedly, death is the situation in which the biological activities
      come to an end. But the religion undoubtedly proves that death is the
      situation when the soul separates from the body in which it was
      housed. Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 says, as beast die man also dies, they
      all have one breath and man has no preeminence over beast, all go to
      one place, all are of dust and all turn to dust again. Here, the
      author contemplates physical death that every animate being has to
      face. It also poignantly points to the pitiable condition of the
      ungodly people who perish in their sin. Body returns to earth from
      which it was taken while soul returns to God who gave it, Eccl 12:7.
      Here, the spiritual life after physical death of the godly is
      considered. Thus according to biblical notation and our belief, there
      are two kinds of deaths namely; bodily death and spiritual death,
      which is separation from God "The soul that sins shall die," Ezk
      18:4. Unfortunately the word, `death' is used intermixedly in the
      Bible to convey both kinds of deaths. Untaught and unstable people in
      their utter confusion and defiance, to suit their own needs,
      disregard the apostolic teachings as to how to interpret the Bible.
      They literally interpret the Bible, which is erroneous and

      Contd... Part 6
    • Jaison
      Dear all I could not open this controversial letter, Anybody can help in this regard regards Jaison
      Message 1039 of 1039 , Sep 21, 2011
        Dear all
        I could not open this controversial letter, Anybody can help in this regard

        --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Malankara Voice wrote:
        > 1. Full Text of the controversial letter written by
        > Rev.P C Yohannan Ramban (Pampady Dayara), questioning the
        > integrity of Yuhanon Milithios (Trichur)
        > http://www.geocities.com/malankarav5/20030203YohannanRambanMilithios2.htm
        > For more Links visit:-
        > http://www.geocities.com/malankarav5/news_section.htm
        > http://malankaravoice.cjb.net
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