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Re: Sorry if I hurt you in any way.

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  • Mathew George
    Dear Fr. George, You need not have said sorry if you really did not mean it. Whatever... You are still living in that false reality that you have created
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 10, 2010
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      Dear Fr. George,

      You need not have said sorry if you really did not mean it.


      You are still living in that false reality that you have created around yourself and continuing to say that we are building a church at Parumala with a hidden agenda. That is your problem if you want to live with this false assumption and continue to propagate the same. Just goes on to show how badly misguided the Metran kakshis are. A sleeping man can be woken up but it is impossible to wake up someone acting to be asleep.

      I personally liked your comment about devil building a chapel next to the ancient and prominent churches in Malankara... So finally you realised about the "devils" in Kothamangalam, Mulanthuruthy and other prominent Syrian Christian Centres. It is nice to see that you find the catholicate centres built next to prominent, ancient and most famous Jacobite churches as illogical, unethical and an act of devil... I cannot agree with you more.

      This is what we have been telling you always .. Now the all important question arises ? Why are you continuing to support and advocate for that devil ?

      You continue the usual metran kakshi lamentation that temporal rights are only for the Catholicose of east...Let me correct you.. It is not for the Catholicose of the East but for the Malankara Metran. Now, who is objecting to this ? Have you seen us running to Damascus for every administrative decision that we take here ? Have you seen us funnelling millions of hard earned rupees to Damascus ? Have you seen His Holiness meddling in the temporal administration of Malankara Church ?

      Please don't solely depend on the crap churned out by the gossip mills working overtime in Devalokam.

      We get to see how sincere you are through your messages on the Metran Kakshi forum. And if you are hoping to achieve positive result for the Holy Church and a better tommorrow by congratulating fanatics and patting the hardliners on their back in the Metran Kakshi community, may God help you !

      Though you wrote to Dipu about the saintliness of Vattasseril thirumeni, let me take the liberty to make a point about that.

      I am no one to judge the saintliness of Vattasseril thirumeni. Only God is the Judge. But your argument that the Jacobites refused to accept St. Kochu thirumeni as a saint for forty years is another twist of facts which comes so naturally to your group.

      Even without formal declaration, St. Parumala Thirumeni was considered and accepted as a saint by the faithful. And what we did in 1987 was a formal accpetance of this popular acceptance. And as far as I know, that is the Orthodox tradition.

      Don't compare your canonising St. Parumala thirumeni in 1947 based on the expectation of the commercial exploits that comes with that. You even did canonise St. Baselios bava of Kothamangalam with the hope of cashing in on a small internal issue which existed there at that time.

      Once your leadership sheds their crookedness, we can expect something positive to happen to the Malankara church.

      God Bless !!!
      ID 4555
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