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Sermon on sunday 12 December 2010

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  • Rev. Fr. Paulose V V
    Sermon on Sunday 12 December 2010 “ Revelation to Joseph the Carpenter”(Matthew: 1:18-25) “An angel of the lord came to him in a dream, said, “Joseph,
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      Sermon on Sunday 12 December 2010 “ Revelation to Joseph the Carpenter”(Matthew: 1:18-25)

      “An angel of the lord came to him in a dream, said, “Joseph, Don’t be afraid to take Mary as you wife”(Matt: 1:20)

      Do you have any shattered dreams?

      Dream is the base and inspiration for action. Life becomes lifeless with out dreams and revelations. Everyone should have a dream in his/her life. In the Old Testament all our Patriarchs like Joseph, Jacob, Daniel had the dreams and visions and they acted for the achievement of it and they fulfilled their dreams. In the New Testament, the growth and development of Christianity, is fully rooted in dreams, and its actions, being taken by the disciples of Jesus like Paul, Jacob, Stephen, Peter, and Thomas

      Joseph the upright, took ridicule, shame, even ready to face the excommunication and marginalization from his relatives, friends and the church to heeds and implements the dreams he had. “ Joseph took Mary as his wife”(Matt: 1:24). Mary and child were protected and insulated by Joseph from the predators and wrong finders. So Joseph the carpenter was called as the father of Jesus. And the Christian world respects and venerates him as a saint. The people want to emulate his upright character and saga of his journey to fulfill the dreams he had.

      Dreams won’t withdraw by its own with out fulfilling the goal. Generations and generations of the slaves in Africa and other continents had the dreams of freedom from slavery that was first fulfilled in UK through the work of people like William Wilberforce and gradually from all over the world. Marin Luther kings “Has a dream” of equality and rule of an African American in USA. It was fulfilled through the president ship of Barak Obama in 2008.

      The young bright Susan has a dream and a wish to become a doctor. But she has landed in a marriage with a degree in biology. The couple got a son who studied well and got admission in a medical college. Susan didn’t rest or lost her dream to become a doctor.. She also prepared for the medical entrance test with his son and got admission in the same medical college where his son got it. Both, the son and mother studied in the same medical college and both passed with high marks. Now she has been practicing as a gynecologist by fulfilling her dream to become a doctor. Her son is working in Canada as a reputed cardiac surgeon with his family.

      So don’t put our dreams and wishes in cold storage or our closets instead take it outside, warm it, dust it and be always keep it in the boiling point. Out ultimate dream is to resurrect and to live in the ecstasy of heaven.

      Nasruddin was fast asleep at 9 in the morning. His wife decided to wake him up.” The sun has risen in the sky,” said she,” the birds are singing in the trees and your brake fast is getting cold”. “Breakfast be damned I was about to sign a contract worth a million grams of gold” he said, He closed his eyes and recapture his shattered dream of gold. Now he was cheating in that contract and his business partner was a tyrant. If, on recapturing the dream, he stops his cheating, he will become a saint. If he struggles to free the people from the oppression of the tyrant he will become a freedom fighter. If, in the middle of it all, he suddenly realizes he is dreaming, he will become awakened. Enlightened.

      Are you still asleep? Arise and shine. As Joseph got up from the dream and ”took Mary as his wife”(Mathew 1:24)

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