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Beware of the 'Mythomaniacs' in our midst, Metran Kakshi internet media in the act again

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  • Malankara Syriac Voice
    Beware of the Mythomaniacs in our midst Metran Kakshi internet media in the act again Mythomaniacs are pathological liers who may be suffering from a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2010
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      Beware of the 'Mythomaniacs' in our midst
      Metran Kakshi internet media in the act again

      "Mythomaniacs" are pathological liers who may be suffering from a personality disorder.. Some of these are liars and lie to lie because they can and they don't care about getting caught. And some others on the other hand, are aware that they are lying but will go to any extreme to make others believe that they are truthful. They appear to believe their own lies but in truth, they know their lies are just that, lies.

      One of the reasons cited for this behaviour is that they have an extremely low sense of self worth and are continuously trying to make themselves feel better about themselves and this is one reason they lie. It is that these people feel so low about themselves they need to create anything different from the ugly reality they feel about themselves. So they lie about even the most tiniest little thing.

      A few characteristics of such 'mythomaniacs' ( pathological liers ) are as noted below:

      • They exaggerate things that are ridiculous. They tend to exaggerate even the most tiniest of issues.
      • They construct a "reality" around themselves.
      • They don't value the truth. They will lie about the smallest thing and the most insignificant issue.
      • They never worry about lying, even when caught lying repeatedly.

      The above are a few things that came to our mind when we see continous lying on the part of a 'Metran Kakshi' internet media and their constant exaggeration of the most ridiculous things.

      They are even maintaining a blog just for the sake of the 'mythomaniacs', where people with such disorders can freely create multiple fake identities and throw around lies and half-truths about the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church.

      They ridicule the Jacobite Church over the most insignificant issues. But then, when their 98 year old faction follows suit, they resort to their usual acrobatics to justify themselves.

      The latest in this series is the latest agreement reached in the 'Joint Commission for dialogue between the Syrian Orthodox Church & the Roman Catholic Church'. An agreement was reached in the meeting held at Manganam on 08th Dec 2010 to share Cemeteries and Churches between our two churches in urgent and unavaoidable situations subject to mutually agreed conditions. Our disordered friends on the other side picked out this part of the whole meeting and created a blog solely for the purpose of ridiculing the Jacobite church using this.

      Below given is a screenshot of the blog that they created to ridicule the Jacobite Church..

      Read Manorama report of Metran Kakshi and RC agreement

      Malankara Syriac Voice
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