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RE:Time For Some Unilateral Confidence Building Measures (CBMs)

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  • Gleeson Baby
    Dear moderators, Georgy S Thomas, in ICON, had brought forward some suggestions for the eventual unity among the two churches.( msg 28349 in ICON). I had sent
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      Dear moderators,

      Georgy S Thomas, in ICON, had brought forward some suggestions for the eventual unity among the two churches.( msg 28349 in ICON). I had sent my reply which may get posted. I am sending the same to this forum since it may be important in the present context....

      Dear Georgy,

      Instead of going for a unilateral confidence building, why cant it be a bilateral talk across the table. My feeling is, this is where the orthodox church fails . By going unilateral . Post 95, your Mathews Second Catholicos made the worst blunder of appointing a joint committee comprising of people from both factions, without discussing with the Jacobite leadership. The SC had clearly accepted the fact of two factions in the church. Yours was only one among them. There was no God - given or SC given importance to your faction. But still your Kitchen Cabinet in Devalokam made your own Catholicos to do that mistake. Finally what happened On the one side that committee didn't even meet once and on the other hand the parish churches belonging to the Jacobite faction upped their antenna against a possible repeat of 58.

      Georgy, your CBM's wont work as of now. The first step you have said is to call our priests for sacraments in your church, and that he should come with a letter from our diocesan bishop.

      Firstly our priests should agree for that. If at all somebody agrees,how he will get a letter from the bishop. Most probably the answer may be something like this " Achen avide koodiko".

      Second step you have suggested is for your priests to conduct sacraments in our church. How is it possible?? We cannot accept any sacraments from your priests. Our hands are tied on that issue. You very well know that. As long as the Excommunication bull of Patriarch HH Yacub the third is in force how can we do that. For us to do that, the Excommunication bull needs to be withdrawn first. But once that bull is withdrawn your CBM's are applicable not only in outside Kerala, but inside Kerala, Brahmavar and North America!!!! And the whole issue is over!!!

      Georgy, how long this great Tom and Jerry show can continue. For decades that cat and mouse had been entertaining billions of children and for the coming decades too that will happen.At times we see either of them with body full bandages (court orders!!!). But nothing will happen to them. They will still be running around with their weapons ranging from spoon to dynamite.

      Don't you feel that both the churches are cutting a very sorry figure in front of the general public. Already the political, civil and police machinery are fed up with our issues. The civil and police machinery in Ernakulum rural district by now would have started their preparations for their annual ritual in Alwaye by now. Preparing the prohibitory orders, barricades, lathis, water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, original bullets, guns etc etc for their assistance. All in the name of church case. Imagine the people of that town ( my sister lives there) being crippled for a week with prohibitory orders, just because we cant work out a settlement among ourselves. When we are sharing almost 30/35 churches peacefully for our sacraments, what holds us back from doing the same in Alwaye.

      The same is applicable to judiciary also. From lowest court to High court the judiciary is fed up with the church case. From whatever little association I have with church case I can vouch for that.

      Starting from CJ Kripal in 2002 in SC, many a judges in kerala high court have voiced it many a times.

      Do you know one thing. At least half of the serving judges in Kerala high court excuses themselves from hearing the church case. They will simply tell the bench clerk avoid´┐Ż when a church case comes up in front of them. The case then returns to the registry, which then finds another bench for that case.

      Some months back one of the serving judges in high court literally blasted both the churches left and right in open court when a church case came before him. What he told was that if he hears church case, he is becoming part of a criminal wastage of public money. When common man with his issues are bogged down due to the slowness of courts, here are certain people with money, importing big guns from Delhi and taking judiciary for a ride.

      The recent high court direction is not something new. Only thing is that till now it was said in open court, but now it has come in black and white.

      So, from judiciary to civil to law enforcement agencies, they are all fed up with our deeds. We are in a cross road from 95. In my feeling there are only two options for ending the issues.

      1.Unity after a negotiated settlement.( Very best but probably next to impossible as of now)
      2.Parting of ways as two sister churches. ( Best and easiest way out of the slime)

      If there is somebody out there who still thinks of 95 SC and 2002 SC, sorry sir I am not there for an argument, you can live in your own fancy little world.

      Gleeson Baby
      St George Jacobite Syrian Church, Arakunnam
      # 0891
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