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  • Biju Cherian
    SOUTH WEST REGION ONE DAY CONFERENCE AND RETREAT HELD IN HOUSTON     Houston: The South  West Region of the St.Mary s Women s League and St.Paul s mens
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2010
    Houston: The South  West Region of the St.Mary's Women's League and St.Paul's mens Prayer Fellowship of the Malankara Archdiocese  of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America jointly conducted a one day Conference and Retreat on Saturday November 6th at St.Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church in Houston, Texas.The Theme of the conference was " With what shall I come before the Lord and how down before the High God ? Shall I come before Him with burnt offerings, with calves of a year old ?." Micah 6:6. Rev.Fr. Saji Kuriakose(Vicar,St.Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church Houston), Mr.Saju Skaria,AZ( Regional Coordinator of St.Pauls Fellowship and Director of the Patriarchal Center Project of Malankara Archdiocese) and Rev.Fr.K.P.Stephen ( Vicar,St.Ignatius Church Dallas) lead various sessions .Regional Coordinators Mrs. Lucey Paily, Mr.Babu Vadakkedath and Mr.George Paily, the Program Coordinator worked hand in hand with the managing committee members and spiritual organization members of the hosted parish for the grand Success of the Conference.
    The conference commenced with the morning prayer .Thereafter in a brief opening ceremony Rev.Fr.V.M.Thomas, the vice president of the St.Mary's Women's League of the Archdiocese inaugurated the meeting. Mrs. Lucey Paily, the Regional Secretary of the St.Mary's Women's League welcomed the conference delegates.Rev.Dn.Martin Babu was the Master of Ceremony of the program. St.Marys Choir Group  lead mealodious Gospel Songs during the ceremony.More than 150 participants attended the meeting.
    Rev.Fr.Saji Kuriakose gave the key message based on the theme.In his speech,Achen gave a powerful message about the importance of leading a life with loving one another, sharing and caring.He emphasized the need for adjusting our life styles and leading a prayerful life that will be pleasing to the Lord.Mr.Saju Skaria gave a presentation about " Christ Centered Leadership" and was very educational and informative. Following his message, an open discussion was held about family life and interaction with the youth, based on his presentation. The afternoon session was conducted by Rev.Fr.K.P.Stephen. Father Stephen discussed our day to day lives and how we can apply the theme message to our personal and family lives.
    A " Quiz" program was conducted on the basis of New-Old Testament, Holy Liturgy and Church History. Mr.George Paily, the program coordinator served as the Quiz Master. Everyone participated with a high level of enthusiasm.Rev.Fr.V.M.Thomas lead a concluding and meditation session. Mr.Babu Vadakkedath, the Regional Coordinator of St.Paul's Fellowship registered Vote of thanks to the gathering.
    Biju Cherian
    Please see the attached pictures.
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