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  • UT George
    Dear Brothers, We were thinking about the devotional meaning of our MARRIAGE KOODASA song starting SABHAYAM THIRUSABHAYAMEE NJAN
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2010
      Dear Brothers,

      We were thinking about the devotional meaning of our MARRIAGE KOODASA song starting SABHAYAM THIRUSABHAYAMEE NJAN
      The 3 stanzas starting from


      Church is the bride and JESUS is the bridegroom..Let us imagine an unmarried girl.Two men are after her to influence and marry her.One the true lover Jesus who loved and gave HIS life for her.The other youth is a rich ruler who pretend to love her,but he wants to steal,destroy and kill her.He is the satan(John.10.10).Whom the girl embraces will decide her future,, If the bride ,we, accept the Lord Jesus then peace,holiness,eternal kingdom,or if satan then eternal doom and unhappiness.

      ENNE MAMOODEESAYAL ALMEYAYUDHAMANIYICHEN--What happens in the baptism.I am not writing theology but devotional meaning.During the baptism KOODASA the GOD FATHER  (Thalathottappan),for the child, denounces  the satan(terminate the treaty with satan) and accept( surreder) to the authority of Jesus in the future life.Then the child gets true LIFE.If the infant is so seriously ill before baptism in a church that KOODASA is often done in house itself because the child has to be spiritually live even at the very infant stage.

      The meaning of the song is that the baptism or spiritual life is not for covenant comfortable sleep but for spiritual fight aganist sin in individual life.The fight aganist drinks,drugs,lust and adultery.The Bible teaches that a believer should consider family quarrel,anger,murmering etc are sins as serious as above public sins.

      The Bible is the book from GOD.In it Proverb 6.12-14 says that A worthless person,a wicked man is he who goes about with a perverse,wayward, mouth.He winks with his eyes,he speaks by shuffling or tapping with his feet,he makes signs to mislead and teaches with his fingers.Willfull contrary in his heart he devises trouble--- and sow it.

      In short baptism is also for quikening with spiritual life as well as for equipping us for spiritual fighting to keep our holiness and faith in Jesus.A leader who is not fighting with the sinfull inclinations of his own heart  will fight with his followers.A husband/wife who does not fight with own sinfull natures will fight with their partner

      The holy qurbana is not passing through our intestine but depositing in our body parts.(ANGAGALILAVAYE NISKEPIKKUKAYAL).Ps.144.1 says BLESSED BE THE LORD ---WHO TEACHES MY HAND TO WAR AND MY FINGERS TO FIGHT).It is fight aganist ones own sins,sinfull motives and lust.
      A saint says man's mouth has two purposes, one to  eat and other to speach.As He cannot curtail one function- speach- he opt for rigorous fasting for curtailing the second functioning of mouth.We must fight aganist our own sinfull nature and unlawfull pleasures of our body.THOSE WHO BELONG TO CHRIST JESUS HAVE CRUCIFIED THE FLESH--the Godless human nature--WITH ITS PASSIONS AND APPETITES AND DESIRES(Galatians5.24).This is not aganist holy wedded life. Hebrews 13.4 says Let marriage be held in honour--and marriage bed be kept undishonored,undefiled;for God will judge and punish the unchaste and adulterous.

      John 8.12 says JESUS is the sun and who follows Him will not walk in darkness but will have the light which is life.Arise from worries and inferiority complex you bride and bridegroom and come close to Jesus in married life so that HE will fed you and reward you.Many couples are sleeping in 4 feet cot with their hearts 4000 feets away.That is not the married life which He give you.Every body wants to exam his own heart.In the judgement day LORD will ask every husband and wife about their measure of love.In the judgement day before the throne there will not be any orphan child,every child will have a father and mother?We have to exam whether we will have there more than what we possess on earth.

      ENPRIYACHARITHAM KETTAPPOL--That is gospel.It offer every sinner, every prisoner of satan real freedom .It is known that  about 30 million people go to jails every year in the world.That may be the nunmber of prisoners of world but how much, much, much more are worried about their old sins.They cannot enjoy a happy married life without forgiveness from the forgiving Father.

      Dear brothers and sisters we will repent all our secret sins and obtain cleansing by HIS precious blood. 
      U T GEORGE
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