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  • Benny
    Dear Mr.P.J.Philip Appreciate your effort to provide a vivid explanation on history of our church with precise points .. But mainly thankful for pinpointing
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2010
      Dear Mr.P.J.Philip

      Appreciate your effort to provide a vivid explanation on history of our church with precise points .. But mainly thankful for pinpointing the core of the dispute on point no 13. I have few points to mention which I am addressing to you but my intention is to share it with all readers along with you.


      13. The core of the dispute between two factions of the Syrian Christian community really started in this difference of opinion regarding the custody of the common trust properties between the Mar Gheevarghese Dionysius Metropolitan of one side and his co trustees Korah Malpan and Kurian on the other side.


      If the Core of the issue , or the nucleus of the problem is property ,
      then I have a feeling which I want to share to all as follows

      1.Adam and Eve thrown out of Aden, and God said in Genesis that, if I
      allow them to stay on in Aden, they will seek for the fruit of life.
      With Mercy, now God the father had sent his only son to the world to
      salvate us by giving the fruit of life(offering a God centered life for an everlasting life in Gods happiness). Once the Devil offered
      kingdoms, to Jesus Christ, he refused and never bowed in front of
      Devil..and said, must bow to God only. Also, because, Jesus Christ born in the world to salvate all human beings ( Not only so called Christians- ).Jesus Christ , said , I am the way, truth & life ,and he never shown any other path other than him for a salvation and that is the plan of God the father. Yes , core of any human life should be God only. If it is property, salvation is away as per Holy Bible.

      2. Also, I would like to say, If a small baby born in Orthodox / or
      Jacobite / or..., he may continue in the same for his life, and, as a
      normal child he would follow his parents and while growing up he can
      learn the love of Jesus Christ through Gospel and he can become a good
      Christian. If a person is a good Christian , he need to love even his
      enemy. Then ,why there is enmity and who need the enmity to pursue
      forever ? this is a question we need to think deeply. But, due to this property/power problem ,people are ready to fight anywhere. Some people, we can see that they cannot stand in their two legs due to the "kick of Alcohol" and try to attain something. Cannot understand , who provoke/prompt these people to go away from our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, what is lacking in both the faction is "Gospel" of Jesus Christ and majority of us are trying to find fault in others forgetting that Judgement is in the hands of God. If I am going to church every week, and if I cannot follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and does not receive the babtism of Holy spirit , at the dead end, I am looser as a Christian. (This is what Jesus Christ said to Nicademos( Must born in water and spirit otherwise no one enter in the kingdom of God ).

      Above all are my perception , people to people have difference in
      opinion...but lot of people are ready to be in the front runner in this fighting , But I prefer to share the love of Jesus Christ in whatever possible ways , which was shown in the Cross to forgive the soldiers who let him bleed.

      May God lead us to light.

      Id 4190
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