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The Eternal Call of God's Unity

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  • Thomas Daniel
    The Eternal Call of God s Unity The eternal call of God s Unity creates in the spirit an eternal fire of love. But when the spirit ceaselessly pays its debt,
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      The Eternal Call of God's Unity

      The eternal call of God's Unity creates in the spirit an eternal fire
      of love. But when the spirit ceaselessly pays its debt, an eternally
      consuming fire is enkindled within it, for in the transformation
      brought about by God's Unity all spirits come to naught in their
      works and feel only that they are being consumed by the fire of God's
      simple Unity. No one can experience or possess this simple Unity of
      God unless he stands before God in measureless resplendence and in a
      love that is above reason and devoid of particular form. By standing
      before God in this way the spirit feels within itself an eternal fire
      of love. In this fire it finds neither beginning nor end and feels
      itself to be one with this fire of love. The spirit remains
      constantly on fire within itself, for its love is eternal; it also
      feels that it is constantly being consumed in the fire of love, for
      it has been drawn into and transformed by the Unity of God. If the
      spirit observes itself when it is on fire in love, it will be aware
      of distinction and difference between itself and God; but when it is
      consumed in this fire, then it is onefold and without distinction and
      accordingly feels nothing but unity, for the measureless flame of
      God's love consumes and devours all that it can enfold in its own

      You can thus see that this Unity of God which draws all things to
      itself is nothing other than a love which has no ground and which
      lovingly draws the Father and the Son and all that lives in them into
      a state of eternal enjoyment. In this love we will ceaselessly bum
      and be consumed by fire for all eternity, for in this lies the
      blessedness of all spirits. For this reason we must place our entire
      life on the foundation of a groundless abyss. Then we will be able to
      plunge eternally in love and immerse ourselves in a depth which has
      no ground. Through the same love we will ascend and transcend
      ourselves as we rise to an incomprehensible height. In this formless
      love we will wander about, and it will lead us to the measureless
      breadth of God's love. In it we will flow forth and flow out of
      ourselves into the uncomprehended abundance of God's riches and
      goodness. In it we will also melt and be dissolved, revolve and be
      eternally whirled around in the maelstrom of God's glory.

      Through each of these images I have shown a contemplative what his
      being and his exercises are like. No one else can understand this,
      for a contemplative life cannot be taught to others. But whenever the
      eternal truth is revealed in the spirit, then all things necessary
      are taught.

      -- John Ruusbroec (1293-1381), "John Ruusbroec - The Spiritual
      Espousals and Other Works",
      Classics of Western Spirituality,
      Paulist Press
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