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Church of Faithful Son of Holy Throne of ANTIOCH, St. Mar Gregorious

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  • Abin
    Beloved Jacobite Syriac Believers, I like to appreciate Dr. Leena and Mrs. Sherin Chandy for their stern belief and stand. Here I like to discuss some facts
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2010
    Beloved Jacobite Syriac Believers,

    I like to appreciate Dr. Leena and Mrs. Sherin Chandy for their stern belief and stand.

    Here I like to discuss some facts related to the new church at Parumala where the loyal and faithful son of Holy throne of ANTIOCH, St. Mor Gregorious, laid his rest.

    Let me start from the begining.

    Why we need to build a church at Parumala?. Is it an issue in the faith or of dignity problem?

    How to proceed? Discussion happened with authorities of our church.

    The new generation know only that Mor Gregorious, is a saint. Every year all used to go to tomb and prays. They are least cared about what are the other facts and faith behind it.

    St. Mor Gregorious is a bishop of Jacobite church only. His faith, stand shows the importance of keeping the faith towards Holy throne of ANTIOCH can feel from his 'Salmosa' that he submitted to our Holy father H.H Ignatius Peter the 3rd Patriarch during his consecration as a bishop of Jacobite Syrian church. (Please have a copy of the Salmosa with you always. Please find the attached one.)

    After read Saint's "�Salmos" one have to think why he wrote such a strong words and also mention that if he violated the faith towards holy throne of ANTIOCH , he will be in hell. Here one can decide either he is mad enough or he is strongly believe that Holy Throne of ANTIOCH is having that much importance of a true faithful. You decide which former or latter is correct? Definitely the latter, that makes him a Saint.

    And why Saint had a stand like that ? The reason is, the holy throne of ANTIOCH is established by our Lord Jesus Christ and those who are in the Jesus Christ have to be tend by St. Peter and his successors (St. John 21 chapter). By this he followed the words of our lord Jesus Christ in all respect and this makes him a Saint, by following the path of the holy fathers of ANTIOCH, the Syriac church.

    Earlier once I wrote in detail about the importance of holy throne of ANTIOCH again here I am writing, In Bible we can read that holy church is build on St. Peter only, the key of the heaven is only given to St. Peter. Again from St. John gospel 21 chapter we can see that, Our lord Jesus Christ told to St. Peter, to feed His� sheep. In Malayalam protestant translation again mislead, See Kaniyamparambil Achen's translation from Syriac "Enikay entae adukale meyikuka"�.(adukal, pennadukal, kunjadukal) This "Enikaya"� (for me)- word is not there in the Malayalam protestant translation. This "Enikay"� (for me) makes St. Peter to be the successor of Lord Jesus Christ in HIS absence in this world. Protestents intentionally removed that.

    In St. Johns Gospel every where we can see Jesus Christ address his disciples as "kunjugale" the thirds type of sheep are the priests / bishops.

    Come to the meaning of this. This is a dual order by Lord Jesus Christ.1. St. Peter2. To the People.

    1. To St. Peter

    For the words of our Lord St. Peter have to feed His(Lord's) sheep. � There is no option for St. Peter- This is in the order of giving responsibility.

    He have to execute this as per Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. To the People.

    "Enikay entae adukale meyikuka"�. � That means, My sheep have to be feed by St. Peter. Here only one question and only one answer - no arguments at all. If you are the sheep of Jesus Christ, then
    you have to get feed by St. Peter. On other option. If not, leave.. Our Lord Jesus Christ will see. Option comes to you. You can decide.

    Again can see in the bible, In my name many will come! Who are these? Yes, There the point comes. People who claim that they are the priest by using the dress/practices/prayers of the real church of our Lord
    Jesus Christ. They will say a lot of thing to deviate everybody from the holy church. Hope everybody can understand without more explanation.

    This is the basic faith. That is why when we lost one church, we
    have to create one for the purpose of Jesus Christ's Holy church.

    That church is not a community or cinema hall, that everybody can use for their own drama. � I am not going to respond to one of our priest supported one guys options. The church is a Holy place of Lord. It is not for the dummies to play drama.

    This is the faith where St. Gregorius followed and taught us. This was unknown to many.

    When we are planning to build a new church somebody may have doubt. Why we are doing? Waste of money? Somebody have doubt that whether they need to join or not?

    For that our Holy church have explain and teach them.

    if anybody have desire to come back to holy church of ANTIOCH, then
    there should be some reason right?- either they are wrong now and wants to correct it OR their present stand is correct but by join back they will get some other benefit. Intention of our church is to make people into our Lord so we have to make them understand that they are now in wrong way. Here Holy church have to teach the true faith of ANTIOCH to the ignorant people that � At Parumala their present stand is wrong � they need to come back and get into our
    Lords Holy church of ANTIOCH- for the proof we have to show St. Gregroius's Salmosa how saint lived. This is the way we have to do. Our bishops/ priest should have to start. Yesterday the Salmosa of St.Gregorius read by many and they got exclaimed. That means common people never ever got a chance to see the Salmosa. Don't worry we will put in news paper one day.

    I am requesting the Kananaya diocese to be in-front of this.

    From the above everybody under stood that for the Holy Church of ANTIOCH, these are the faith. Not a problem of dignity. By keeping the false dignity we will not get the heaven.

    Again we have to be care about the upcoming facts. Had a discussion with our church authorities. As everybody know that the people of Universal Syriac Orthodox Church are very much interested to spend money for the new church at Parumala.

    We have to be careful for the below things. When the church built, everybody will help, come to the administration point of view it will be from the local faithful of new church's managing committee. What we need to care is, here is there is a chance, from the previous experience of our church, I am telling that, these Vedavipareetykal- mudakapettavar - may create dummy good sheep and they will get training to talk only about Holy throne of ANTIOCH. So automatically they will come in the church and in the managing committee as good sheep. After some time these dummies will show their true color. So we
    have to beware about it. I am not telling that all are joining are like this- may be, for creating the problem these devils can do.

    The next one is those who are joining to holy church should have to receive Holy Baptism and Holy moron as it makes more happy for the new joiners to receive as our Holy Church of ANTIOCH's Baptism is the real one. I hope everybody knows the importance of Holy moron (Chrism) consecrated by H.H. Ignatius Patriarch of ANTIOCH. Also church need to give a framed Shalmosa of Saint Gregorius for them to keep at home to show as an icon for faith and loyalthy towards Holy Throne of ANTIOCH.

    At the end I like to tell one more thing It is painful to see that the discussion of exchanging of Sunday shifts on our holy churches. Kothamangalam St. Eldho Baselius Bava taught us the faith of ANTIOCH. See the writing on the North wall of Holy Madbaha. And also learn what message Saint given to Mor Hidayathulla Bava.

    We are not expecting Fr. Jerry to be a part of it. So everybody please refrain from this type of discussion. At Kothamangalam my forefathers worked hard to keep the holy faith of ANTIOCH. We will not allow these veedavipareethikal to enter to my holy church of ANTIOCH. And about the theory shifts and discussion - This will not work out here. I am telling if anybody wants such a shift leave the holy church of ANTIOCH and build a community hall and do all the drama.

    At least have see Sherin Chandy replied if that is the case every month need a church koodasa.!!!! See her true faith towards Holy throne of ANTIOCH. So Please faithful of our church don’t try to come up to hurt the feelings of our church members itself. I am stopping here, Pray for our holy Church of ANTIOCH. St. Gregorious will show one way for his church. Just keep in mind that this is time for us to pray.

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