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Re:New Jacobite Church at Parumala - Agitation drama of IOC

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  • PAUL Joshy
    Dear All The is no doubt that it is the IOC that creates mayhem in Parumala and wanted the region turn to a “Kalapabhumi’(source: MalankaraOrthodox.tv) by
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2010
      Dear All

      The is no doubt that it is the IOC that creates mayhem in Parumala and
      wanted the region turn to a “Kalapabhumi’(source:
      MalankaraOrthodox.tv) by the works of unwise and anti-Christian way of
      the their hierarchy. Their opposition to a new church will not last
      for long because Jacobites are going to construct a new church in
      deferent premise, not close the current church (like Ram-Janma Bhoomi
      in Ayodhya). The constitution also guarantees the minorities to own,
      posses and manage institutions, including for religious purposes. IOC
      has been considering Parumala Pally (IOC church) for money making
      machine only, otherwise they would not have opposed to a church in the
      name of the Saint because if Jacobites construct a new church the
      money coming into the IOC church will become decrease.

      On the other hand, in an independent objective, the government cannot
      accept the IOC version to opposing the new Jacobite church , except
      one issue of the law and order problem going to happen in future.
      Although peaceful Perunnal is conducting in Puthupally and other areas
      where there are two churches for the both, in Parumala it could be a
      different situation. As we all know the kind of Gudaism IOC people
      exercise at Thrukkunnathu seminary at the time of the Perunnal in
      January every year , the same thing will be created in Parumala by the
      IOCians and will turn the blame on the Jacobites as they will argue it
      happened because Jacobites have established a new church. In every
      year hundreds of procession are going to the IOC church from different
      location(I had also gone with one Theerthayathra from the North) and
      on Nov 1 evening the entire road from Mannar Junction to IOC church is
      fully jammed. In such a situation if Jacobites conduct the same type
      of Procession at the same time it will create huge problem like rival
      sloganeering(Jai Jai Pathriarkeese Vs Jai Jai Catholicose, Jai Jai
      Anthiochia Vs Jai jai Devalokam) and one procession will turn to left
      while the other to the right after the Parumala bridge will lead to
      manhandling that will make a real law and order issue for the

      So, in such a situation we must be very careful that the authorities
      might incorporate some restrictions before they give permission to
      construct a Jacobite church like restricting the using of megaphone
      outside the church, not allowing procession going out and coming in
      to the Jacobite church during the days of Nov 1, 2, 3, and so on. Our
      leadership must reasonably take a firm decision since every political
      party will depend on vote bank politics only, no permanent interest
      with any group.

      Joshy Paul
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