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Re: Mary- Yoldath Aoho - Part 4

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  • Dr. Daniel Babu Paul
    Immaculate Conception does not mean supernatural conception. What the dogma teaches is that Mary was purified as soon as she was conceived by Hanna in the
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      Immaculate Conception does not mean supernatural conception. What the
      dogma teaches is that Mary was purified as soon as she was conceived
      by Hanna in the normal human manner; when she was in a single cell
      earliest embryonic stage she was purified to receive God in her
      body . She provided all the 46 chromosomes as Syrian Orthodox prayers
      testify and so the body and blood of Christ WHEN OFFERED is derived
      from her. Only three births are honoured in the church calendar.
      Christmas of course, plus the birth of Mary and that of the Baptist,
      who was also filled with Holy Spirit while stll in the womb.I feel
      that the difference is only that we have not declared a dogma on
      this. Had she not been purified in her mother's womb Sept. 8 has no
      justification for celebration.Kadavil Thirmeni said so of course and
      backed away from Manarcad, but then he was a genius of his own type.
      Hail Mary is repeated ten times only in Rosary, not in ordinary

      Co redemptrix is not yet a declared dogma, although there is great
      pressure within the church for that.Those who object say that it will
      bring unnecessary strain in relations with the Orthodox.
      Assumption was our tradition at least from 5th century; the Romans
      declared the dogma as late as 1950.

      Our prayers glorify Mary much more than most Roman litanies.In fact
      they do not call her SECOND HEAVEN etc. Nor do they have the special
      intercessory prayers we have almost every Sunday; they have special
      Novenas of course but that is not exclusive to Mary they have such
      Novenas for Jude and Joseph too Also our Quorbono begins with her
      nameMARIAM DEELAETHOK although in Malayalam it is, strangely, the
      Marthomites who begin with Mariam!!! Perhaps although slightly oldish
      in Malayalam style it would have been more loyal to the original if

      Noteworthy also is the fact that except on Sastri Road in Kottayam we
      have no St. Joseph's Church. We also do not have a picture of the
      Holy Family. We are thus emphasising the unique role of Mary in
      Incarnation, the Virgin Birth and the Perpetual Virginity. At the
      same time we have no picture of Mary except with the child; she is
      nobody special without the Son.(St. George's, Trivandrum has a
      picture of Mary by herself; it is against our tradition, really.)
      Also, in our tradition every church is to be St. Mary's if possible,
      and wherever that is not done the second altar is dedicated to her
      honour.(We do find aberrations , of late, especially in some churches
      of Devalokam group. In a Canadian parish I heard Parumala thirumeni's
      name in 4th diphthiko while it has no post-apostolic name in its
      original form)

      We do not subscribe to Mariolatry and that is the difference, but
      even there I feel that my fisherwoman praying in front of a marian
      staue in St. Joseph's here in TRVM perhaps goes home more purified
      than me, the story of the Pharisee and the Taxcollector repeated! In
      fact I have trained myself to pray with these simple folk now:
      whenever I see them touching the feet of a statue I join them
      silently by praying, OH Lord hear her prayer, Oh Lord forgive my
      Pharisaic learning, Oh Mother of God pray to your Son as at Cana to
      convert this water of my irritation into wine of an acceptable
      Thanks for reading.

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      > Morth Mariam Bathlus Yoldath Aloho
      > Part 4 (By. Fr. John K.K)
      > Orthodox, Roman and Protestant sharply differ in teachings about St
      > Mary.
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