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  • Saju Paulose
    Dear all, The following is a letter from a Methran Kashi member to a Methran Kashi internet/TV publication. It is very interesting to see how the ordinary
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2010
      Dear all,

      The following is a letter from a Methran Kashi member to a Methran Kashi internet/TV publication. It is very interesting to see how the ordinary Methran Kashi members view the cross-jumber bishops. Please read:


      "I am very curious to know something – Maybe someone can help me with this?

      The ordinations services of our respected prelates: H.G. Yuhanon Mar Meletius, H.G. Dr Thomas Mar Athanasius and H.G. Zachariah Mar Nicholovos. Who conducted their ordination services? Where the hell did they come from? Who knew them before they joined our church? Was any priest from the Malankara Orthodox church in attendance at their ordination services?

      Isn't it funny how we can accept three complete strangers into our church – by the way, who received no blessings from our church, who were not ordained from our church, and have no formal education about our church or its standing can just walk in and rule as bishops. No one has a problem – right? Or maybe we should ask those priest who serve in their respective diocese.

      Once they realized they had no respect in the Jacobite church – they came begging for acceptance. And out of our gracious hearts, our then beloved Bava Thirumeni opened his arms to them. The worst decision in this history of our church!

      Every breath they take is killing our Holy Church! They have no love or respect to our church or to our Bava Thirumeni. Otherwise, they would never have ordained a guy from nowhere into the rank of bishopric. By the way – all you idiots who claim that he is bishop are so foolish. The ordination of Moses Gurgan was completely invalid. Yet – there are fools who accept him as a bishop. We should have broken their legs when we heard they did this act without the approval of our Holy Synod and without the consent of our Bava Thirumeni. But we didn't do a thing. We gave them a slap on the wrist and said not to do it again! Oh – and then the rest of our prelates got together and accepted this completely bogus and invalid ordination. I just want to beat you all with a baseball bat for not standing up for your Church. What the HELL where you ordained for? To protect our church!!!!!!!!!!! – Not to agree with some stupid idiots who think they can do anything?

      And Now – we have bishops who do not respect or listen to the orders of His Holiness. May God Save the Church. I can't help but think what would happen if our Vattakunnel Bava would have been alive today. This is what the Church is missing today. Someone who loved the church so dearly that he was willing to give his whole life (body & spirit) for the Church. We lack the courage, love, self-discipline, strictness, and grace of God that Vattakunnel Bava had in our prelates today. Due to this – we have become a laugh stock to our Christian Bothers.

      We need to excommunicate those men (just men) who claim to be bishops. They are like Cancer and oh how bad the diagnosis is! May God Save our Holy Church from such wicked and evil men. When will our bishops realize this? I hope they do before it is too late!"


      Dear all, this is the kind of respect the cross-jumber bishops are enjoying today in Methran Kashi camp. You can expect more fire-works from the methran kashi diocese in America. What you hear is the after-effects of the first shot from bishop Nicholovos. Let us wish IOC bishop Nicholovas all the best. Hey...after all he was our boy...right?


      Saju Paulose
      New York
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