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Church Mission to Brazil

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  • Melthodhaye Crew
    Greetings! Peace to you! I m immensely happy with your message. God be glorified! These were the words that I was met with when I made contact with Father
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2010
      Peace to you!
      I'm immensely happy with your message. God be glorified!

      These were the words that I was met with when I made contact with Father Maia, a priest of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Brazil,
      and here is his message about the church in South America.

      Our church in Brazil is growing rapidly. We have a mission called 'Church Mission to Brazil'. His Holiness, Mor Ignatius Zakka I, has given us a special blessing to have our church open to Brazilians also and not just Suryoye. The Divine Liturgy has been translated into Portuguese by our Father Antonio Nakkud, who is also the Patriarchal Representative for Brazil. We currently serve in 16 states in Brazil with a clergy of 50 priests, on average.We have two Bishops. One bishop lives in Capital Federal (Archbishop of Brasilia), and the other Bishop lives near the city Goiás.

      On the 8th of August the church in Brazil sent 4 students to study theology in the Patriarchate, this was because of a special invitation from His Holiness! His Holiness has a dedication and a special affection for the Church in Brazil. We are very grateful to His Holiness!

      Me and three other priests live in the Monastery of Santa Cruz.
      Our monastery is very close to the capital Sao Paulo. We lead a life of prayer and work. We also do missionary work, but the life we live is more contemplative. We have a small blog: http://padrealexandremaia.blogspot.com/

      We are a small monastery, poor and new (recently founded) only three years old. We have a wooden house (monastery) which is located in a forest with a few other houses.

      There are two problems I would like (if possible) to ask help with from friends of the Youth Organization of the Patriarch, Melthodhaye:

      1) Liturgical Vestments: cassock, capes, stoles, etc ...
      2) Books of the Liturgy of the Church: Divine Liturgy, Prayer Book, etc..

      For us it is very expensive (need lots of money) to buy abroad as the use of our church. But we are doing everything possible to do so. I appreciate immensely if some people may make donations of materials to help our Monastery. It is not necessary that we have new objects, used liturgical vestments and books would also be a big help to us.

      Please send to all members and partners of the Organization and the Church our love, affection and prayers. I always visit MELTHODHAYE

      God bless you.
      Father Maia.
      Father Efrem Alexandre Maia, along with our other respected Fathers in South america, are working hard in building and sustaining the mission for our church in Brazil. Though they are in need of our help through the donation of Liturgical vesments and books, and as Fr Maia mentioned they don't need to be brand new. If you are able to help in any way Please contact us at info@...

      In Christ,
      Melthodhaye Crew
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