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  • Dn. Aniss Sowmy
    I see a discussion about holy fathers of the Church in general. The first and main point that must be understood is that in Christianity s History it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2010
      I see a discussion about holy fathers of the Church in general.

      The first and main point that must be understood is that in Christianity's History it is important to know that during the three big sinods, i.e. Nicea, Constantinopolis and Efesos the unity of the main cathedras, Antioch (Syriac Church in the late Porvincia Syriaca - actualy in Turkey), Alexandria (Egypt - Coptic Church), Rome (Roman Catholic Church) and Contantinopolis (or Byzantine Church) those seats were united and their theologians, bishops, priests, deacons were united in faith.

      Their leaders called themselves bishops and not Patriarchs or Popes.

      It is only after the Constantinople Sinod that hard discussions began to divide the Church.

      It is important to know that big thinkers and organizers appeared in all those places.

      It is not an exclusivity of this or that Church, it is the Holy Body of Christ that forms the Church.

      Thus it is important to understand the importance of each one of this Holy Fathers, real priests that used all their mindpower to built up a unity of the Christian Church that unfortunatelly afterwards was divided attending mainly personal interests in defense of personal theories.

      Does any one of you remember that the excomunicated NEstorius, based on the request of the Patriach John of Antioch said that if it is for the goodness of the Church let it be said that the Virgin is the Mother of God? But on the contrary other churches continued to excomunicate Nestorius, and his followers maintain the heresy for centuries and even the Roman Church that subscribed at that time his excomunication today makes eccumenical agreementes with the Nestorian Church or Eastern Assyrian Church?

      Let us use the good part of the Christian doctrine and study thorougly the history of Christianism and understand one another.

      To say that this bishop was Greek, or Roman or even Syrian or Indian will not define the importance of Christian doctrine, but the thoughts, teachings and knowledge that those persons legated us are really important in Christianity.

      Finally it must be regarded also that based on toleration we cannot accept wrongdoings, misunderstandings or heresy inside the same Church.

      Best Regards
      Aniss Sowmy
      Evangelist Deacon
      Syrian Orthodox Church in São Paulo - Brasil.
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