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American Archdiocese Silver Jubilee Convention 2010...What a Great Success!

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  • Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel
    Jubilee Convention First of its kind in the history of North American Arch Diocese of Syrian orthodox church. 2010 July 22, 23, 24, 25. Those days were ever
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 29, 2010
      Jubilee Convention First of its kind in the history of North American Arch
      Diocese of Syrian orthodox church.

      2010 July 22, 23, 24, 25.
      Those days were ever remembered in the Golden annals of North American Arch
      Diocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church.. More than 2000 members of our Holy
      Church all over America and Canada, were gathered under one roof of
      Garden State Exhibition center at Somerset New Jersey.The convention center
      was blessed by the blessed memory of LL Mor Athansius Yeshu
      Samuel.Metropolitan our former Arch Bishop.Jubilee general committee under
      the leadership of Mr. Joby George & Mr. George Koruth, with other sub
      committees under different Coordinators,were worked hard for the success of
      this Golden venture.After the inauguration of Registration Kick-off at St.
      Peters Church Philadelphia, on Oct.10 2009. the committee was put forward a
      tremendous work. The efficient leadership of Mor Theethose thirumeni, joined
      hand in hand with the academic skills, dedication, and loyalty of our
      faithful. A talented team of not less than #130 members, including,
      Doctors, Business Executives, computer professionals, Chartered accountants,
      Business magnets, altogether spend at least 150,000 man power hours and
      personal money not less than $1000 each from their own pockets, for this
      noble cause. Cost of the convention including Hotel Accommodation, food etc.
      itself is $ 400,000. Including the money we spend for Cultural Program
      competition, choir competition, and other sports activities were in total,
      let us proud to say is at least one million dollars. This might be the
      amount equivalent we collected for our mother church in India for the last
      five or six years.
      The colorful Con celebration of Twenty five Priests including two bishops
      was a unique experience. Presence of Key note speaker Bar Eedtho breero Dr.
      D Babu Paul was an added advantage of this year's convention.It was like a
      long cherished demand of our community. Scholarly Expositions of the
      Subject was simple but marvelous. Very Rev. Baby Ichiravelil Cor Episcopose
      the First spiritual Son of late Lamented Mor Greegoriose Gheevarghese
      Perumpilly, who castled out into the fiery furnace of Holy Church in 1974,
      the most turbulent days of our church was decorated the keynote subject
      with his eloquence and teaching experience. Participation of our Sunday
      School kids and youth members was remarkable. nearly 500 of them were
      actively participated with timely canonical prayers, study classes,
      sports and other cultural activities.

      The outcome of this majestic venture is H.E. Arch Bishop was able to collect
      the skill, enthusiasm,and tireless hard work of a dedicated team of
      volunteers for the future up building of the church. Their innocent hard
      work was never been used for the church. Their motivation, insight-for the
      future of the Church, resources are will be channelized for the future.
      There was an exciting ending the for jubilee convention. Before the
      closing session Arch Diocesan Patriarchal center project was inaugurated.
      That will be the Golden project of this dioceses The huge complex
      including residential complex for the Arch Bishop and other bishops,
      priests, and monks, office complex, Theological Seminary, Convention Center
      etc.If the Arch Diocese is fortunate enough to get the determination and
      continuous leadership of the Arch bishop Mor Theethose Yeldho metropolitan,
      we are confident enough to win every thing by the blessings of God
      Thank You
      Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel Paitel
      SOCM ID # 4630
      Phone # (215) 464-9112
      Cell # (267) 438-2123
      Philadelphia, USA.
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