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Re: Holy Bulls

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  • Vineeth John Abraham
    Hi All, Thanks a lot for your replies for the above topic! I could really learn so many things! I have some corrections! So i thought I will write back one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2010
      Hi All,

      Thanks a lot for your replies for the above topic! I could really learn so many things! I have some corrections! So i thought I will write back one more time!

      In the mail i wrote, is it essential to light candles at home while we read Holy Bulls? I think most of the guys were against the same! I didn't mean that you have to light the candles and read that! I just wanted to give the gravity of the situation! I was not trying to tell you should light candles and sing song before that :)

      The reason why I am writing this reply is just to tell or discuss some valid points in the replies.

      1. We read the Holy Gospel at home. When we read it at home, we dont do everything the same as when it is read in the Church during the Holy Qurbana.

      2. Holy Qurbana in internet and TV channels

      1. Holy Evengelion
      We should learn what is Holy Qurbana is and what is happening over in the MADBAHA? In recent days the common trend is watching the Holy Qurbana just like watching a movie? The choir will sing beautiful songs and we will not open our mouth (Excuse those who sing along with them). If i am going to start about the topic i think it will take months for me to complete it!

      Coming back to topic! Each and every rituals during Holy Qurbana is having a meaning! Holy Evangelion one among them! It depicts "COMING OF SON- JESUS CHRIST TO EARTH ALONG WITH ANGELS". The reason why we use "Maruvahasa / bells / Candles / Censor" depicts Angels. Once the priest starts reading the Evengelion the Clergymen leave and only priest is on the dias! This means "SON IS LEFT IN THE WORLD TO PREACH". My point is We cant compare so many things!

      We should give respect to HOLY BIBLE. I remember one sermon by HG Eusebius about Holy Bible. These Days Holy Bible is like a file which we keep out important documents! The reason behind that is "We are sure nobody won't touch it or take it from there". So this is how we treat bible? I have seen in many of our Priests' home, Holy Bible Kept in stand along with Vilaku in the prayer room! Thats how we treat it.

      Living in Technology doesn't mean that we should break all the rules. Then were is the difference between Our Church and other New Born Churches? Our church is expanded through the blood of different martyrs. If they just say a YES and leave Christianity, they could have saved their life. But they didn't do! Thats why our church is here!

      We should use the Technology in right way and right choice!

      2. Holy Qurbana in internet and TV channels

      I think I don't have to elaborate much on the Topic. I have already mentioned the answer above. Holy Qurbana is something which we should attend with utmost purity and reverence. Just keep that in mind! If you have that point in mind, then you will find the answer by yourself!

      I should say it is indeed a great help and blessing that we can watch it online! I was in bangalore and couldn attend the Holy Qurbana for Eight day lent @ Manarcadu and Manjinikara Perunal. But I had a peep while it was playing online! I was really happy!

      While growing along with technology we should be sure that we are not building a new Church erasing a tradition! If this is the case, then why we want saints? Why Sahada's gave their life?

      Thanks and Regards
      Vineeth, Abraham
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