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  • Chev. Thomas Abraham
    Dear Mr. Joykutty, Thank you for your reply and many sarcastic comments on me. Please accept my apologies, if I hurt your feelings through my previous
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2010
      Dear Mr. Joykutty,

      Thank you for your reply and many sarcastic comments on me. Please accept my apologies, if I hurt your feelings through my previous message, which was not at all my intention.

      However, I would like to point out the following facts to you:

      1- You mentioned that "Even you do not know where SOC prayer books are publishing; it is not in Puthencruz. With in the small write up you did a great spelling mistake of Puthencruz".

      My apologies for making the spelling mistake in the name 'Puthencruz', but I am happy to note that you did understood what I meant. Secondly, since you are NOT a Jacobite Church member, but only an IOC member, I am sure now you are not aware that presently our 'Seminary Publication' is NOT the only one which is publishing Jacobite Church publications, as used to be in yesteryears. FOR YOUR INFORMATION, THERE IS AN OFFICAIL PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT FOR OUR CHURCH IN PUTHENCRUZ, NAMED AS "JSC PUBLICATIONS, PATRIARCHAL CENTRE, PUTHENCRUZ", WHICH PUBLISHES OUR CHURCH'S LITURGICAL BOOKS. Hence what I mentioned in my previous message is correct only. As you mentioned in your reply, may I also suggest you "While listening that oxen delivered baby never try to come with rope".

      2- You mentioned that "I am jealous on you".

      I am sorry to state that your 'senior citizen' status and its maturity is not showing in this comment. Why should I be 'jealous' on you??? I am not an 'author' like you, to be competing with you in making liturgical service books, and got jealous on your works!! I feel pity on your silly comments like this sir.

      3- You mentioned that "I never translate any of our books or transliterated" and also "Instead our Priest uses two books (Malayalam and English) with this one book they all can perform the occasions".

      If you have 'never translated any of the books or transliterated', then ofcourse the '30 books compiled by you' and regularly advertising in SOCM & ICON, are your own creations know? Have you got any written approval from the Jacobite Church heirarchy, for its use in Jacobite Churches; or at least from Theethose thirumeni, who knows you personally as you mentioned in your mail?? No Jacobite Church members or parishes are allowed to use any liturgical books written by a laity, without the official authorization from the church heirarchy. This is what I mentioned in my message. If your works are approved ones from our heirarchy, why you didn't answered/clarified this point in your reply?? I doubt you got any such approval for your works from your own Church heirarchy even. For your information, like many other service books of bilingual language, we even published a 'tri-lingual taksa' for our priests use. If you want a copy of it for your priests, please contact Moolayil Achen for it, whom you know personally.

      4- You mentioned that "Suppose SOC likes to publish any of my books under their name I have no problem for it and I have already given permission for it".

      Dear Mr. Joykutty, please don't try to underestimate Jacobite Church and its capabilities in producing and/or publishing liturgical books, catering to our Church members needs. As I see now, our Church doesn't need any other Church member's liturgical creations for using in our churches. We still follow the centuries old liturgies written by saintly people, which is continuing to be the blessings and strength of our Church. Your IOC Church also using these books, with slight modifications made here and there to suit your requirements.

      Dear Sir, I am not against you publishing any of your books. Why should I?? It is your wish. I was cautioning my church members against using it, as it is not an approved one for my Church. A simple search in SOCM & ICON archives will show how many times you advertised about your books there.

      I don't want to continue this thread any more, but wrote this reply only as a clarification to your reply message.

      May God bless you abundantly with health and wealth.


      Chev. Thomas Abraham - Bahrain.
      Member Id # 879

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Joykutty wrote:
      > Ref. is made SOCM Digest No. 3351 dated June 26, 2010 item No. 5a by Chev. Thomas Abraham of Bahrain.
      > Thanks for your kind write up. I am an old man with so many sicknesses that include two-heart stent and one balloon and had a surgery on August 4, 2008. I am not to your age or health condition.
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