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Why is HB Thomas I Catholocose being targeted in Malankara Vargese case?

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  • Paul Joshy
    Dear All, All of you might have read the news related to Malankara Varghese case in various IOC publications in recent times in which they target our Catholica
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2010
      Dear All,

      All of you might have read the news related to Malankara Varghese case in various IOC publications in recent times in which they target our Catholica Bava without naming him openly. Here I am telling few incidents why are they targeting HB Catholica (I would say Divanyasios Thirumeni hereafter because like the name Nehru for Narendra Modi, IOC people hate the name Divanyasios Thirumeni), I am giving two incidents.

      (1). After the 1995 Supreme Court verdict on Malankara sabha case and the non-representation at Parumala Association by the Jacobites there was a confusion prevailed among the Jacobite Community about the future of the Church. Utilizing this opportunity, IOC leadership under Kottayam clique tried to manipulate the situation.

      At that time in my area (Perumbavoor-Kolenchery belt comprising of around 25-30 churches having 800-2000members in each church), a good number people were supporting for the unity with decent terms. Majority of the activists of the churches of my area were expecting a good deal with IOC so that church case and the confusion could be resolved, so does perpetual peace in the church. And every day one or the other delegation was going to the Kothamangalam Armana to convince thirumeni for a better deal and a unity. But after hearing the views of the delegation Divanyasios Thirumeni used to say “Methran Kashiyilekku Pokanamennullavarkku Pokaam, njan areyum thadayunnilla, pakshe Antiochiaye vittulla onninum njan koottunilkkilla”.

      Finally the few bishops and clergy decided to merge with IOC and everybody in our area expected that many churches would go along with them, including Divanyasios Thirumeni. But only handful of people and few priests went with them. Even the hardcore criticizers of Divanyasios Thirumeni didn’t go with merged group. The reason was that they scared about their future in IOC without Divanyasios Thirumeni, no matter they dislike thirumeni’s stand. And lately history proved that Divanyasios Thirumeni was absolutely right and the group opted for unity were considered as “Margavasi” in IOC (‘margavasi’ is a terminology used for those who converts into Syrian Xians from Pulaya community; they can attend Holy mass but had no role in church matters). The rest is history and all the criticizers of Divanyasios Thirumeni are now hard core supporters of him, now if I would say few words against Divanyasios Thirumeni, they would kick me out from the Church that is the situation now in Perumbavoor belt.

      So Divanyasios Thirumeni stood like a solid rock between Devalokam Catholica and the Jacobite community, otherwise Jacobite Church would have been swallowed by this IOC Group. Since then IOC kept having a grudge against Divanyasios Thirumeni and play all dirty games against him.

      (2). The second reason is related to a private statement made my Central Cabinet Minister Hon. Vayalar Ravi about Devanyasios Thirumeni, and it needs a little description about the background of the statement. I have a close friend from the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) who was vice-president of the last state committee and belongs to Kothamangalam area, a Jacobite. But he is dead against mixing up of religion and politics. He has raised this issue many times at party forums and criticized KPCC leaders visiting Bishops Aramana, NSS HQ and SNDP HQ and had problem with Omman Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala over their strong religious fraternity. But Vayalar Ravi likes my friend’s politics and protected him every time whenever he had issue with other leaders and Vayalar Ravi is the political mentor of him. Because of this politics he didn’t even invite any of our bishops for his wedding (quite unusual now a days!!), but attended almost all Congress leaders including Omman Chandi and Vayalar Ravi. And Vayalar Ravi knows very well that my friend belongs to Jacobite community and doesn’t like to use that platform for his political growth. So this is the politics of my friend. The incident is that, one day my friend was attending one function in Kannur where Vayalarji was the main speaker and after the program Vayalarji told my friend that next-to-next day he was attending a function in Kothamangalam and it was in the evening so Vayalarji would be taking his dinner from my friend’s house. On that particular day my friend went to Nedumbasseri airport to pick Vayalarji to Kothamangalam. On the way to Kothamangalam Vayalarji asked “ Daa………. do you know which program we are heading for?”, my friend said “no”. Then Vayalarji said “we are going to attend your Catholica’s Pourohitya Jubilee function (Vayalarji was the main speaker of either inaugural session or concluding session (I am not remembering) of Catholica’s Pourohitya Jubilee function held at MA college auditorium Kothamangalam). Then Vayalarji made this important statement, “ Ethra Okke Aayaalum Angere Sammathikkanam, Ottakkyu Ninnalle Fight Cheythathu Allengil Aa Orthodoxukar Ella Pallikalum Pidichadakkumayirunnille, Kazhivu Apaaram Thanne”.

      This is the reason why is IOC leadership are trying to incorporate HB’s name in Malankara Varghese case. A rock solid approach of Divanyasious Thirumeni for Antiochia has actually saved Jacobites, so IOC want to demolish that rock. Any IOC person gets unnatural death from Kottayam to Thrisur area, IOC will try to club HB’s name to that death. They think that is the only way they can tarnish our HB’s image. So it is the duty of each and every Jacobites to counter such malicious and vicious propaganda against our HB by the IOCians.

      J M. Paul
      From the desk of moderators
      This is an edited version of the original posting.
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