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  • Sabu Alias
    Mr. Sajy has written some crap, calling my name in another forum . As they are very broadminded people they won t publish my post in that forum (My
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2010
      Mr. Sajy has written some crap, calling my name in another forum . As they are very broadminded people they won't publish my post in that forum (My experience). So let me use our forum for that . Please Post this .

      "Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:1-5)

      I am not judging you ;but let me call , hey hypocrite, write to Devalokam. (The abode of Devas!) And either you� give a full note of what I wrote or please show more wisdom.

      You don't know What Devalokam goondas are doing in Ernakulam district (where the largest number of Jacobite Christian are living ) But I know. Read the posting of Gleson Baby to get some of the Christian activities of your Proposed Sahada of Perumbavoor. Please check the number of Orthodox Christians in

      1.KannyattuNirappu St. John's Church
      2.Nechoor St. Thomas Church
      3.Onnakkur Sehiyon Church
      4.Palakkuzha Church
      5.Piravom Valiyapalli
      6.Kadamattom Church
      7.Kolenchery Church
      8.Perumbavoor Soolokko church
      9.Odakkaly Chuch
      10.Aroor Church
      11.Pothanikkad Ummanikkunnu Church (where the Jacobites left the mother church after a court verdict with 80% of the church family)
      12.Mamalassery Church
      13.Kandanadu Church�
      14.Thrikkunnath Seminary Church
      15. Vadakara Church

      In all these Churches even though the IOC is a minute minority ,they are creating all types of problems. Wherever ,Jacobites are in minority ,they used to go out and construct another church. But what is the reaction of IOC. Take the example of Onakkur church.Here Jacobites constructed another church ,the present Sehiyon Palli.IOC� got the Mother Church. But alas ,with the help of 4 families, the IOC super Christians” are creating Problems there.The church is in case. The jacobites has to seek other methods for Holuy Qurbana  in alternate Sundays. The IOC priest come there with the help of their own Goondas and Muslims!! . In Nechhoor , out of the 800 families only 35 IOC families are there.(In Kannyattu nirappu, it is 12/1200) The so called IOCians even did not spare the Holy Friday of 2010. There was lathi charge . If I want to write all the Christan activities of IOC in Ernakulam ,it will take months..(truly.. Months). What to say with the help of the only IOCian, the respected Thomas Paul Ramban, the great IOCians are trying to make problem in Kothamangalam ChriyaPalli also. They get a lot support from Print Media .Their influence in Judciary and politics is well known. Their prominent leader came to Nechoor and told, You give case ,money is not a problem for us. Their Priest told from pulpit I will close down Piravom Valiyapalli. Another priest entered the Altar and threw away the Holy Casa and Pilasa. One of the IOCian Bishop told their faithfull that it is better to close the Kolenchery church for IOC . and now the church is closed. Due to this� So many of our faithful joined  New generation churches .

      In this circumstances ,our IOC got the Murder case of Sri Varghese. In all sense our IOCians are celebrating that sad incident. Daily there will be coverage in M&M . Somehow they managed to celebrate the case via Asianet also . Ok, let them do that .But don't try to advocate us again on this issue. Jacobite church do not support any criminal activity.(If that is church stand,I am sure that IOCian cannot live in Nechhoor, Kannyattunirappu,Onakkoor) If our Father is involved in any way in the case let him get the punishment ,and we all pray for him. Here the aim is not to punish the culprits ,but to tarnish the Jacobite church,aiming to get back the IOCian god Money in terms of Church Properties. Even that Gentle lady is eager to connect the Jacobite leadership to the incident. I don't think that her eagerness is to find out and punish the culprits . IOC ians want to get something�from this case and are trying for that with their money God. In these brutal course ,they converted the Murder of Binu to an accident. Labelled a  Father as Murderer . And advocating the Jacobites (Vasavadattayude Charithrya prasangam).

      Hey IOCians ,see how the Chingeri church dispute is settled. See how the Jacobites reacted in southern diocess by constructing another churches to live a Christian life in peace (If they are in minority). Pease Please Please follow that examples. Dont bring your God to our Churches. (Money and the accompanying feuds) Please go out, if you are in Minority and construct another church . We will help You in that . In Nechoor itself You could have built Three or Four churches by the amount you spent in court, and Police in terms of Fee and Bribe. Please show some Christianity so that no more Binus and no more Varghese are Created.

      Sajy I know you from your postings only. It lacks sincerity. So I called your name. Come to Ernaklulam and feel Yourself . I will take you to all these churches. You yourself�see the pathetic condition created by your holy church. Experince the mental agony we are facing . We have to move to courts after courts for even constructing a Vault. We are stunned to see the nature of corruption and influence� in courts by the IOC. Even our beliefs are getting shake after seeing your Mammon worship and its momentary victories. I will take all your expenditure. Then you  decide who to get advice.

      Sorry for being a little bit hars. But reality is very cruel. Sorry and soliciting your prayer.

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