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Sajy Thannikkottu..... and Varghese Murder

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  • Sabu Alias
    To see the hypocracy of this member ,please read his posting on IOC and SOCM forum. We can allow these people in the forum . But dont take their words
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2010
      To see the hypocracy of this member ,please read his posting on IOC and SOCM forum. We can allow these people in the forum . But dont take their words granted.

      Regarding the Murder case ,Sabha has not supported and crime. We are of the view that if anybody has committed a crime he should be punished by the law.  On Judgement day Our Lord will definitely judge those people. In this particular case ,IOC was very keen to connect our top leadership to the incident. They conveniently forget the Murder of Binu (Here please read Sajy on IOC. He is asking us to clear any confusion :: as Manorama is trying its level best to convert this murder to an accident.  ) . There was rumours after rumours on each day in and aroud Perumbavoor,Muvattupuzha that ,CBI is going to arrest HB on this case etc... The IOC plan is very clear .Demoralize our poor People . They could get the support from some Media also. (Remeber the coverage given by Asianet.as if Fr, Thekkekara has murdered Varghese).  Even after the CBI charge sheet ,they are trying to connect Our sabha to this incident via the wife of Sri Varghese. She is also playing in tune with IOC.

      The reason behind all these happenings ( What is my belief)

      1. IOC Considers Money as thier LORD  and think anything can be achieved by that . So when a rich man kills a poor believer that is not a fault or crime;but an accident. But If that rich man is being killed; it is the most  severe  crime and somebody or everybody has to answer that.

      2. Due to the same reason the Crime by  Fr. Habib of IOC is not welcome ;but the Chargesheet against Fr. Thekkekkara  is  to be appreciated. (As per the Niyukthan of IOC)
      3.  IOC thought that even though Jacobites are true followers of Christ  ;they cannot stand against allegations . So with help of the IOC god -money  ;easily IOC can Crush the true believers or at least send a large portion to Pentacostal Churches for whom IOC is acting as the Gateway.
      4. No body from Jacobites will defend the truth ,so IOC believes that  they can get back their God (Money ..here read as parish properties) through these false allegations and propaganda.
      VS acted against these thoughts . So, so many Sajy  will come against VS as it is acting against their proposed 'Sahada'.
      We Know prayer is the ultimate answer to this menace; not any Crime. Eventhough Binu was Killed we are not of the opinion of any revenge as Revenge is for God. So if any of the jacobites are truly guilty ;let them get punishment and we pray for them. But if they have been traped due to their association with the true Church ,we should protect them  as it is the known intention of IOC to destory Jacobites.Also we should have some openings to flush out our anger against the satanic plots  of IOC . So please donot Tarnish Viswasa Samraksakan. Let them do their Job more beatifully.
      Sabu Alias
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