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IOC's new Holy Qurbana theology

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  • Varkey Titus
    Dear Friends, The IOC s ideologist priest, who is a teacher in their Seminary, is running a fortnightly magazine named Malankara Sabha Deepam . Through this
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2010
      Dear Friends,

      The IOC's ideologist priest, who is a teacher in their Seminary, is running a fortnightly magazine named 'Malankara Sabha Deepam'. Through this fortnightly, at various times he tried his level best to muster support and be got "elected" to their 'bishop post', using all means. However, his deep passion for the post was effectively thwarted between the 'cup and lip' by their own hierarchy. When I saw the latest edition of his 'Deepam', then only I came to know why he was NOT elected to their 'coveted post'. Deepam exhibits a cartoon exposing their new liturgical variations implemented in their Holy Qurbana, which could be a teaching of this ideologist achen, and may be already started in their Seminary. Achen may have thought this could be the easiest way for them to establish the 'Indianized, independent and autocephalus Church'.

      I am talking about the "Chiri vara" cartoon of one IOC guy, appeared in the latest edition of the 'Deepam'. This cartoonist is showing an achen with 'Chalice' in his RIGHT hand and 'Platen' in his LEFT hand, with 'vilangu' on his hands!!! In the wake of CBI enquiry on their 'new Sanit's' murder case, the cartoonist and the Chief Editor Achen were trying to mock the accused Jacobite achen, while not thinking about their own Achen, who got arrested, for living as a pimp in their Dayara & School, for their own Church leaders!!! However, by this cartoon, one thing is made clear to the public that neither the Cartoonist nor the Chief Editor Achen is not aware how the Holy qurbana is to be conducted in Syrian Style, or they may already started the new variations, which was exposed to the public now only!!!

      Let the IOC be an 'Indianized, independent and autocephalus Church', with all these silly changes in their Holy(??) Qurbana!!! "Iswaro Rakshathu"!!!

      Varkey Titus
      Id # 1024
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