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Re: Metran Kakshiudey Murumuruppu - Special edition of Viswassamrak

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  • Gleeson Baby
    Dear Mathew G M, I dont think you have to find fault with viswasasamrakshakan. Right from the beginning of the cbi enquiry the agenda of metran kashi was to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2010
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      Dear Mathew G M,

      I dont think you have to find fault with viswasasamrakshakan.

      Right from the beginning of the cbi enquiry the agenda of metran kashi was to somehow connect the top leadership of the jacobie church with this case. For that they have been working overtime through their own media and through some of the print and visual media of kerala. Roumers were floated left and right to create doubts and confusions in the public.

      On the other hand the Jacobite church waited for the cbi enquiry to be over.We never objected or opposed any kind of cbi enquiry. We were always ready for the law to take its course.

      And now since the enquiry is over and cbi have submitted their charge sheet its for the court to decide wheather to accept the version of cbi. Nobody is guilty untill proved so.

      Wheather its thekkekara achen or joy chetan or elias or eldho or thambi, they cannot be termed guilty until a court says so. And they cannot be termed as mere individuals. They have been wrongly implicated just because of their association with the jacobite chuch and since they were in the fore front at times of crisis in the church

      What viswasasamrakshakan did was to point out the nasty and malesious news that was being spread by the metran kakshi.They have a duty to do so since its the name of the jacobite church that was being tarnished by the IOC media.

      IOC media scooped to such low level by publishing the photograph of varghese in post mortem table.

      You have find fault for T M Varghese being termed as gunda by viswasasamrakshakan. I presume you didnt knew him. I knew him. Wheather he is a departed soul or not.... What else was he???

      I can narrate a small incident which happened in mid 2001 in thamarachal church.This church was never into factional fight. On a sunday when the holy mass was about to start three vechicles came all of a sudden to the church. It contained one person in priests robes (actually he was a decon) and some 15/20 youths with varghese as leader. The church had mostly old people, ladies and children since Holy mass had not started. People inside the church was beaten up by the intruders on their attempt to place their "priest" in the Madhbaha. Anyway since the jacobites ressisted them vehemently, these intrudres led by varghese had to retreat. But they couldn't take all their people with them and some six persons were caught by our people and was handed over to the police. When the identity of these guys were checked by the police it was found that they were muslims from perumbavoor town. This news was reported by all the media next day including manorama ( probably by mistake)

      Wheather its perumbavoor or thamarachal or allapra or peechanikkad or odakali or pangode, this was what was happening in late 90's and early 2000.

      How do you term a guy who was leading all these antics... Just because a person have departed doesn't automatically wipe out the misdeeds of that person.... neither does he attain sainthood...


      Gleeson Baby
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