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Re: Today's youth are marrying frustrations - An introspection.

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  • Varkey Titus
    Dear Issac, Your assertion of the true lifestyle of Syrian Christian bishops in Kerala as mentioned in the report, is really alarming!! Evenif the posh
    Message 1 of 5 , May 11, 2010
      Dear Issac,

      Your assertion of the "true lifestyle of Syrian Christian bishops in Kerala" as mentioned in the report, is really alarming!! Evenif the posh lifestyle is spread in all "Syrian Christian" descendent/variation Churches, do you think any of them will discuss such an issue in their Holy Synodal meetings????

      I pray that at least our Holy Synod will discuss the damaging news of CBI findings in the "IOC's new Saint" Malankara Varghese's murder case!!! Binu's murder by Malankara Varghese was forgotten by all, even our own people, eventhough SOCM forum raised this issue once in a while. Viswasasamrakshakan's new special issue highlighting the Binu's murder case is very very late, in my opinion!!! The public feels that our Church hadn't made any follow up in this case.

      Issac, when you say "yadha raja, thadha praja", do you mean that the people will look to see role models in the 'anointed' group?? I don't think so, as the people are aware that now a days there is no role models in the society, leave alone the Churches!!! Churches are part of the whole society!! The materialistic view of the society is slowly creeping into the Churches as well. Truely I wonder where our society is heading to?????

      A critical introspection into our Church affairs is very much required now. I hope the Holy synod will discuss such issues. Are we as a Church, is in the path of material world or are we, at any time, think about the world to come?? I think we as laity, should pray earnestly to the Almighty to keep our Church on its rail, if it is already de-railed!!!

      With sorrow,

      Varkey Titus
      Member Id # 1024

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Issac K Joseph wrote:
      > Dear Friends,
      > Interesting that the true lifestyle of Syrian Christian bishops (at least few) appears in a report such as this! Hope they have the time to read these reports!!!!!! Remember the mallu proverb "yadha raja, thadha praja". So there is no astonishment from many quarters about such an incident happening in Kerala, while it was unthinkable before two decades!! Changes should come from top to the bottom.
      > As the Holy Synod of the Holy Jacobite Church is in session within a week, hope the Holy Synod will look into this subject, if it is applicable in our Holy Church!!
      > In Christ
      > Issac K Joseph
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    • Benny
      Dear All. Me too surprised, once I heard the news of those young couples fate in Banglore. The boy was , software engr and the girl was HR head. It is sure
      Message 2 of 5 , May 12, 2010
        Dear All.

        Me too surprised, once I heard the news of those young couples fate in Banglore. The boy was , software engr and the girl was HR head. It is sure that , in academics both were in the forefront . Then what was the reason made them provoke them for this tragic end...

        In the current time, all are running to make their kids to be a doctor or engineer or....................... by pushing them from behind since KG class onwards. Parents ,including me, slowly forgot the fact that "how much they enjoyed in their school days " How much they learned from nature"" how much mark they scored in school days " " How much..........................." Current parents conveniently forgetting all these, and pushing the child to be a professional . Miserably failed to teach them how to live in this world with Christian values with spiritual stimulation. Are we ready to live as per the plan and project of God ? See Jesus Christ before crucification , he made himself ready to accomplish the will of God . Are we ready to do this... ..See the Lords pray .. Our father......, we are praying that we are ready for this..but in practical we are not and following our own will.

        Parents , looking in to the society and slowly slipping in to the clutches of the society. Also shy to sweat... thinking that what others think abt him..this is the reasons mallu's are good outside and bad in home. If the neighbor is having 2 floor, then we all look for ½ inch bigger to compete . Try to forget the basic requirement of his family or the financial source . Same as that , we need to push the kids in to a height somehow , so that we believe that the society would give a TICK mark to us. Parents , never try to teach what is life to the kids, they give always the best, they never make them understand the pain /problems in the life. At last , the new generation become a frustrated generation because, they never faced problems, they never learned to show any patience, they will not be able to control the angriness. At last, all may , end up with tragedies... they never learned the values

        What is the solution...

        Look at St Stephen.. He prayed to those who stoned him. Look at Our lord Jesus Christ , Prayed to those who un knowingly crucified him, taught us that GOD in heaven is the Father and taught us what is kingdom of God and how to follow him ( need to nullify ourselves by taking cross - (that is our worldly lusts to be crucified)) later became a sacrificing goat to cleanse the sin of those who lived , those who are living and to those yet to live.

        What is our pray and routines in our life and daily church visit.

        Pray for our own needs ( called selfishness ), to discuss world news, to be a powerful person there and never nullify ourselves by crucifying our worldly lusts. We look for leader/leaders in order to follow and end up with another mishap. ( Forgetting the verses in Psalms 118 ; 8 - It is better to trust in God that trusting in man ) .Who is our leader , looking in to Holy Bible and it is only JESUS CHRIST. As per bible, if we are in Christ , you and your family will be salvated. Anyone who is in Christ, will be a New person. What else we want in our life. Sorry to say , gospels have not been vividly explaining in our churches, this is really required to defend our new generation in the current modern life where human values diminish day by day. Also, in my view , Gospels in our churches are very limited (spending very short time ). If there is no proper delivery of gospel in the churches, people pursue in believing in a life style by attending the church and live as they wish.


        Id 4190.
      • Rev. Fr. Jerry Kurian
        I found the article on Today s youth are marrying frustrations quite interesting but there are also some things which are not covered in the article. Here is
        Message 3 of 5 , May 18, 2010
          I found the article on 'Today's youth are marrying frustrations' quite
          interesting but there are also some things which are not covered in the
          article. Here is a write up on the incident
          This looks at the topic from a different angle.

          Fr. Jerry Kurian
          I.D. no. 4500
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