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Re: FLASH NEWS - Didimose divorced Goorgan

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  • Saju Paulose
    Dear All, You are welcome to watch Gurgan s Scud missile to IOC. This is really a PASSION WEEK for MARUKANDAM BROTHERS. 27th March, 2010 To His Beatitude
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 28, 2010
      Dear All,

      You are welcome to watch Gurgan's Scud missile to IOC. This is really a PASSION WEEK for MARUKANDAM BROTHERS.

      27th March, 2010

      To His Beatitude Paulose Mor Milithios, Catholicos Designate and Metropolitan.

      I greet you in brotherly love and say:

      Our Office brought to our attention the letter on March 27, 2010 of His Holiness Mor Baselios Didymus I and therefore it seems to us important to respond to that letter.

      1. In the letter was mentioned that my consecration took place without the knowledge of the Holy Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Church. We already have the documents in our hands of the decision of the Holy Synod on August 07, 2007 when the Synod decided to consecrate a Metropolitan for Europe. Its not fair to try to push the Synod decisions in a other light.

      2. In the letter it is mentioned that I had to take the approval of your Synod in order to be able to consecrate a bishop. But you know very well that the consecration committee with the approval of the Holy Synod issued the Sustatikon (Certificate of my consecration to Metropolitan and Primat) of my consecration that I am able to consecrate Metropolitans without any approval of any Church authority, even without the approval of the Malankara Orthodox Church. About this decision it is also written, that His Holiness the Chatholicos gives his blessings and that the Holy Synod approved it.

      3. In the letter of His Holiness which I got on March 16, 2009 His Holiness with the Holy Synod recognized to accept me as the Head of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe. Since that date we are an independent Church and we are no more depending on the Malankara Orthodox Church in anything.

      4. In the letter of the 27th of March 2010 is mentioned that I wrote in a harsh way to you. Nothing in that letter was harsh, it was full of love and brotherhood. The copy of it is already sent to different Malankara offices.

      Because of all these I want to let you clearly know that you and your Church have no authority over our Syrian Orthodox Church of Europe, its Primat and its Holy Synod. After we became independent and autocephalous its not possible for you to rule over us. In brotherhood we want to encourage your grace to stop every polemics against our Church. His Holiness the Catholicos has a great heart and we all know about His deep spirituality. We visited His Holiness twice in India and he showed us every time his love and joy but
      unfortunately you tried after every visit to push things in a different light. That is not the first time that you put words under the name of His Holiness. As the Catholicos Designate you should never do things like that and especially you never should use his health issues for own and personal reasons. During the last two years I wrote to you so many letters in order to stay in contact with you but you never answered any of our letters. How do you think it will be possible to continue a relationship with your Church?

      We don't have the time to argue about these things every time because we want to use and we have to use our time for the salvation and the good of our faithful. Instead fighting against each other we should work together. If your Church and the Jacobite Church would work
      together your own people would not suffer the pain which the both Church hierarchies are giving to them. On March 3, 2010 I wrote to both Catholicoi an official letter about the sad situation of our faithful in India and I got no reaction. I wrote in that letter that I got uncountable requests from priests and faithful to help them because of the Church problems. Why didn't you write to me any response to that letter? It seems that every one has his one plan. But our mission is to help those who ask us and to be holy tools in the Holy Hands of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. We know what we do and we know what we have to do in the future. If you really want to speak with us and discuss every thing like brothers in our Lord
      Jesus Christ you are very welcome and we are open for that. But our door is closed for fights and hatreds.

      In brotherly love

      Primat and Metropolitan
      Mor Severius Moses
      Saju Paulose
      New York
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